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ST&RS 18

First of all, look at this! It’s the ST&RS Wiki! You don’t know how grateful I was for this. I spend hours and hours just rereading the chapters of manga I blog so that I can craft such a short post, and with all of the information in a tidy wikia form, now I don’t have to do that anymore! Look, it has over 50 articles and 3.5 MILLION members!

Let’s see what an article on Wataru says…


Man, Mikura looked creepy EVEN AS A CHILD. Four young informants, everybody looks significantly less creepy as a child. I can cite several examples, including you, him, her, me, them, us, it, and you (plural).

ST&RS seems to love exaggerating things. I mean, these people are in what, elementary school, and bully others for trying to get somebody’s attention? What’s going to happen to them in high school?! Either that, or this did happen, but I never noticed ’cause y’know even as a kid I was writing on this stupid blahg argh sucking my life away

*kicks blahg with a black bag and/or a laggy BLG9000*

tl;dr: ST&RS’s ranking is plummeting in Jump, expect to get cancelled in three chapters

next chapter: Mikura spirals into depression, buys computers like crazy

next next chapter: Mikura kills that guy her friend was all jelly over

next next next chapter: Mikura is cornered by the police but uses her last five minutes of time to code the Afterlife and then send a bunch of dead people over there to get chance and luck

P.S. It’s only being cancelled because I’m blogging it and every manga that I blog will always be get cancelled.


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  2. Yeah, 18 and 19 were basically the author going “GEE THESE CHARACTERS DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH WANGST IN THEIR BACKSTORIES!!!!!61”

    Not that I had huge hopes for a manga about the Space Core, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that there really isn’t much they could make out of the BIG REVEAL that could possibly live up to the hype they’ve been building up about it.

    2011/12/06 at 05:25

  3. Big reveal…

    …of /what/, exactly?!

    Just shows a lesson, you can’t have shounen space operas. Perhaps it would be better to serialize this as a series of small vignettes, or maybe just a small story about space, 12 chapters long – certainly not one that would stretch on FOREVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    2011/12/06 at 06:50

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