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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 10

“I think Yamato should stay in the hospital a bit longer before he goes outside.”
“Yeah, he’s definitely in no fit condition to go outside.”
“What if he catches a cold outside the hospital?”

Yamato: “GUYS.






And here comes a record for the shortest time it took me to write an anime post, having watched the episode in question for a total of one minute and forty seconds, and spending approximately three minutes writing this post, four minutes waiting for the only image to upload, and fifteen minutes to edit this very statement. Sixteen. Minutes. Seventeen minutes.

But fear not! This post is not entirely without content, for I announce the creation of a new tag: the Kurimagane Post! This tag is for posts alike the posts Kurogane crafts, similar to this one right here; after all, it’s hard to create an informative post when you’ve only watched one minute and forty seconds of an episode!

To be honest, this is not a Kurimagane Post, as there is far too much text! A true Kurimagane Post are like these posts! They are so short, they cannot even be tagged ‘Laziness’, for mere laziness would not produce such artistic minimalism! Notice the carefully constructed phrasing of every word! Notice that I linked this link twice, and now three times! Notice the creativity and ingenuity of this shrewd portmanteau between ‘Kurogane’ and ‘Imaga Post!’

“What is an Imaga?”, you may ask.

There will be no reply.

5 responses

  1. NovaJinx

    I guess this would do you good, because reading anything on this layout is like watching a game of tennis.

    Not even women’s tennis :/

    2011/12/13 at 10:24

  2. …I never heard that before!

    Yeah, I’ll swap the lay layout out (get it?) come February or March. Sorry about that, I just don’t want to swap to some better layout yet because I’m an idiot and idiots do those types of things.

    2011/12/13 at 15:50

  3. I kno rite. I had a theme with a tiny font that I liked myself, but eventually had to swap because I got tired of all the complaints about readability.

    2011/12/14 at 13:00

  4. Ah damn this comment thread style, I’m not used to the type with replies enabled. Oh well.

    2011/12/14 at 13:01

  5. You’re not my first complaint so far, but the amount of complaints I get (and the amount of readers on this site) is pretty small, which is why I’ll have to change it by March if I want to participate in the aniblog tourney that hasn’t even been confirmed yet :(

    2011/12/14 at 15:31