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Ben-To 10

C’mon, two more days until Winter vacation, I CAN DO THIS

But until then everything’s going to be late and uninspired drivel (no rapeviews for you, sorry – no rapviews, either)


Because of school, of course. It’s not like I play games or anything. Remember how I quit Kongregate? Get that silly thought out of your mind.

The OP changes. I like how the lyrics have shifted over to a ‘HEY YOU IS IN A CLUB AND SOCIALIZES AND HAS FRIENDS AND SHIT AND TEAMWORK YEAH’ as a result of the developments that happened earlier in the season, where You joined a club, socialized, got friends, shat, and teamwork yeah.

The funny thing about Ben-To is that it’s not even half-priced lunch – remember, their schools provide lunch. They just want to buy half-priced dinner. Yet, this arrangement is supposed to help students learn how to live by yourself, by learning how to cook – not learning how to beat other people up. I mean, if all you had to do was beat people up to get your food, why would anybody work?

Still, I thought it was only You’s school that had that arrangement. Certainly not EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL in the entire city? Or is it just that thousands and thousands of people live in each school’s dorm, and hundreds and hundreds of people are too lazy to cook/to find someone to cook for them, and thus beat each other up in supermarkets all day?

Anyways, so I was going to play chess with the BIG MAN but I was scared that the BIG MAN would turn out to be two psychotic girls so I didn’t

because if the BIG MAN were two psychotic girls it would be unfair and cheating and scary

though seriously, I am going to play chess with the BIG MAN tomorrow with a three-pawn advantage because, y’know, he’s the BIG MAN and I can’t win against the BIG MAN if I don’t have a three-pawn advantage.

I wonder if there’s something DEEPER about Kyo and, uh, Kyo. I mean, with such a luxurious shower scene, they should have the money to buy full-priced boxed lunches dinners, right? Maybe they actually are psychotic, or maybe they actually don’t have money, or maybe they’re just bored student council (vice-)presidents and they’re just doing what bored student council (vice-)presidents do – beating the living shit out of their students. Yep, a definite role model for the young ‘uns (how the heck were they elected into student councilmentnessship?)

Fighting with different supermarket tools (chopsticks, shopping carts, baskets, etc.) is pretty COOL but what if the basket breaks, which it should have, uh, ten years ago? You may be student council (vice-)presidents but supermarkets can still sue the ben-to out of you.


argh majikoi pls to don’t disappoint with next episode

P.S. In which animators attempt to recreate works of art

P.P.S. Kyo: “My name is Kyo, the ‘Kyo’ in ‘Mirror’.”

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