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ST&RS 19

EH this post is late because I spent an hour making that image – fifteen minutes cropping that ‘E’ into ‘truant’ so it became ‘treant’, fifteen minutes actually finding a ‘treant’ that turned out to be a ‘trent’, fifteen minutes finding another card with an ‘A’ in it, and fifteen more minutes cropping that ‘A’ into ‘trent’ so it became ‘treant’.

…why did I even bother

Anyways, as I said, blah blah blah angst, this has nothing to do with space, snore snore cricket cricket I really don’t care if this gets cut anymore. I really shouldn’t have started blogging this… maybe my blogging choices are just bad. Maybe I’m just bad.

Still, Meguru’s whole story was basically, “So I made everybody hate Maho, and while you were being emo, he DEALT WITH IT by being friends with OLDER MEN.” Don’t see how that’s very uplifting for Mikura, but I never went through traumatic childhood experiences with other people laughing at me, mainly because I blend into the background so well that I don’t think many people noticed me.

Which was what the entire viola section and the entire double bass section did during the STRINGS CONCERT yesterday. Unlike the previous STRINGS PERFORMANCE, we were actually the ones who were stringing during the STRINGS CONCERT. However, similar to the STRINGS PERFORMANCE, there was a total of one violist (me) and one double bassist. There were about fifteen cellists and forty violinists.

:( feels bad man

tl;dr: strings teacher’s daughter comes, jazzes up the night with some, oh, transcendental etudes

strings teacher admits her daughter is better at stringing than he is

note: strings teacher strings professionally

:( feels bad man

P.S. STRINGS CONCERT stands to recreate interesting new grand strings, creating orchestral new creations eating raccoooooooooooon turnips

7 responses

  1. Hue hue hue

    A STRING is flimsy and breakable, while a BAND is elastic and unbreakable.

    btw just performed in a BAND concert with COOL instruments.

    2011/12/16 at 05:44

  2. but dude you don’t understand

    a CHOIR is quieter

    2011/12/16 at 23:59

  3. …why did I even bother

    you bother because you are super dedicated to your blog!!

    Side Note: Never heard of that card before, but it seems relatively strong. Does that make you a YU-GI-OH fan?!!! Still that card is a lie just because the description claims the old tree is thought to be immortal, which is lame because everyone should clearly notice its defence points are only 1800…GOSH!

    2011/12/17 at 00:17

  4. For some reason you don’t sound much like lostty :v

    Yeah, that actually ISN’T a yugioh card because a) yugioh HATES treants b) yugioh LOVES trents c) nessa is nessa and d) I don’t actually play yugioh


    2011/12/17 at 01:53

  5. I don’t sound like lostty? That makes me sad…..I think? I’m sorry :(

    You should play yugioh, those were the good days of my youth. Wasting money on cards I collected and played a game a few times only to soon lose all my cards…Now that I think about it, I remember once owning a yugioh board game! Never read the rules, played it my way, which was not very fun. (sorry for the dull reply)

    2011/12/17 at 03:44

  6. Any reply is a reply! :(

    I know a guy who doesn’t want to buy cards, so he just prints out the card descriptions onto the backs of playing cards.

    pretty stylish guy

    2011/12/17 at 03:57

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