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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 11

Wow, so uh today’s a slow day or something because my viewcount just dropped by, uh, y’know, FIFTY PERCENT

brb putting balls on flagpoles

ok I’m back, turns out someone else’s ball was already on the pole

This reminds me of Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail, where a Roberta trailed blood and declared war on the US, etc. etc. etc. etc. However, in Roberta’s Blood Trail, the people who wanted to stop Roberta just shot millions of bullets everywhere because bullets solve everything. In Majikoi, the people who wanted to stop Takae decide to get beat up by gangsters with wooden sticks, cause, uh, I guess all their balls are on poles cause they sure don’t got the balls to shoot balls, if you know what I mean (and I don’t mean that they’re using muskets, unless you must ket, ha ha ha).

However, I didn’t understand what the hell Rock was up to in Black Lagoon until the very end, where it was revealed that he planned EVERYTHING from the VERY BEGINNING (although his plan failed, and his plan wasn’t actually that dramatic).

Meanwhile, I do understand what the hell Yamato’s up to in Majikoi from the very beginning, where it was revealed that he LIKES GIRLS from the VERY BEGINNING (although he had no plan to save Japan, and his plan… wait, he doesn’t have any).

Nevertheless, I think this last episode is going to have some COOL FIGHTING and that’s enough to warrant a 3/10 instead of a 2/10.

By the way, did you notice that the OP changes every time a new group of characters are introduced? The main change is when Momoyo punches some girl – in episodes two, three, and four, she was punching a MYSTERIOUS BLACK GIRL (what racists); in episodes five, six, and seven, she was punching KUKI AGEHA; and from then on, she was punching TACHIBANA TAKAE.

Originally, I thought that Majikoi would be 13 episodes long, and that episode eleven would be a change – after all, she was punching a black girl for three episodes (two, three, and four), she was punching a white girl for three episodes (five, six, and seven), she was punching a robot girl for three episodes (eight, nine, and ten), and I totally expected her to either punch an Asian girl for three episodes or punch the other girls in Yamato’s harem for three episodes (eleven, twelve, and thirteen).

But, I guess not only was episode eleven not a change, but Majikoi is only twelve episodes long. That’s right – the finale of Majikoi airs this Sunday.

Here’s my face, in hi-def resolution:

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