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It’s like this, but school’s over for the Winter Holidays (capitalized because you can’t have Christmas without capitalism).

Here’s my 2011 Fall Anime Second Thoughts post, finally finished after three-quarters of ten-thousand words of effort. totally not worth it

Here’s O-REW 7: Not Always Right. For those who’ve forgotten/don’t care about what an O-REW is, it’s basically when I o-REVIEW (get it, ahahahaha so funny) a site so that I can put it in my Links page. Yes, I actually have one.

Both of these articles were not finished on the dates they were published, but now they are! So read them! I’ll probably start posting two posts a day during this break, because I really need to catch up with all the posts that I didn’t post.

Exciting CHESS BATTLE commentary after the break.

So, as you may know, I played chess with the BIG MAN yesterday. Although I originally requested a three-pawn advantage, turns out that the BIG MAN thought it unfair, and refused. Thus, we played with equal material, although I was white.

FORTY-THREE INTENSE MOVES LATER, the BIG MAN finally declared victory, after demolishing every single piece I had except for my king and two pawns.

feels sad man

also that’s the end of the post. I GUESS THE BREAK WAS USELESS


which is like a break

but it’s a vacation

not a va-anion

4 responses

  1. The title made me think “FREEEEEEMAAAAAAAAAAAAN”

    2011/12/18 at 05:40

  2. I’ll reserve that title for when I graduate, at which time I’ll be a FREEEEEE MAAAAAAAAAAAAN

    2011/12/18 at 07:08

  3. Free at last! Free at last! Thank Gawwwwwwd almighty, we’re free at last!

    2011/12/18 at 07:28

  4. For all of two weeks! And then it’s back to the fields of homework :(

    2011/12/18 at 19:53