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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 11

I keep on getting ‘pedo bär’ as my top search term every day. I mean, at least it’s not ‘pedo bear’ (which, thankfully, has fallen to the end of the list), but… really? I certainly wouldn’t want a bar to rape me. Hey, here’s a joke: A man walks into a bar. The bar is a pedo bar and rapes him. The end.

Horizon, horizon, horizon. What should I do with you?

It’s like a light novel that Kuroneko wrote. I know someone who loves Kuroneko, but can’t stand Horizon (paraphrasing: ‘Light novel? More like a heavy novel to me.’) I wonder if anybody who loves Kuroneko would also stand to read through her books. I can’t even stand to read through manga about her, which is why I have a chair and bendable knees to allow me to read through manga about her. What I’m trying to say is, you’re fat.

Being one of the few (though still more than the five people who are blogging Hyouge Mono) who have blogged Horizon since the beginning, I am undoubtedly the most reputable, popular, and verifiable source for accurate information (TL Note: I am not reputable, popular, nor verifiable. Also what’s accurate information and where can I smoke some). Alas, I have been usurped by a more literary fellow, who happens to be a cartoon character.

That’s the owner of kyoukaisen.tumblr.com, who infodumps all the infodumps. After reading through some infodumps, I have firmly decided that I will stop reading through some infodumps, and thus, I stopped reading through some infodumps. Horizon’s story is truly too intense – I won’t even talk about the plot in any of my posts, anymore. So, what’s going to be in my Horizon posts?

Oh, right, nothing. Move along now…

Horizon reminds me of Angel Beats. Y’know, angels beat. I know because angels beat, and beats don’t angel. Meanwhile, angelically, beats angellize beating angels. In Angel Beats, angels beat angels with beating beats. Horizon beats this to the ANGEL with angel beating, uh, beating the beaters of angellic beats. Which sorta makes since, because

Horizon reminds me of Ben-To. Y’know, student councils don’t have much power. I know because awesomebananadancer‘s in the student council, and he doesn’t have much power. Meanwhile, in anime, student councils have much power. In Ben-To, student councils have greater power than normal student councils, being able to, uh, hit people. Horizon takes this to the EXTREME with student councils, uh, being the government of ENTIRE NATIONS. Which sorta makes since, because

Horizon reminds me of Majikoi. Y’know, students don’t have much power. I know because I’m a student, and I don’t have much power. Meanwhile, in anime, students have much power. In Majikoi, students have greater power than normal students, being able to, uh, wage full-scale mock wars. Horizon takes this to the EXTREME with students, uh, waging full-scale wars. Not mock wars. Wars. Which sorta makes sense, because


Horizon reminds me of the Lord of the Rings. Y’know, settings aren’t developed in anime. I know because settings aren’t developed in anime, and settings aren’t developed in anime. Meanwhile, in Horizon/the Lord of the Rings, settings are developed. In the Lord of the Rings, settings are developed with greater detail than normal settings, because J.R.R. Tolkien writes, uh, too much. Horizon takes this to the EXTREME with settings, uh, being written even more detailed-ly. Seriously, who comes up with this shit? The explanation videos probably take more time than the actual anime! This is why I’m not reading through some infodumps anymore – there’s too much information. I’m too lazy. I’ll just sit back, watch the anime, and continue writing lame posts because at the end of this, I shall be the only one to continue writing episodic posts throughout all fifty-two seasons of Horizon. That’s right, fifty-two seasons. That’s like, thirteen years.

I understand this whole ‘power to the students’ thing, but isn’t this a bit extreme? Why are the students the only people fighting in Horizon? Every single soldier is a student… what are the adults doing? Why can the Pope President fight, when everybody else (yes, including Galileo, I think…) is a student? ARGH MR. KYOUKAISEN.TUMBLR.COM I’D ASK YOU THIS BUT I’VE STOPPED READING THROUGH SOME INFODUMPS ALREADY



P.S.S. Why are there two moons in the sky? Maybe one of them is an EXILE

P.S.S.S. I wonder if anybody’s died from these wars… I mean, it’s a war, but it feels so un-war-like. There’s no blood (except for that one God of War), no dying… are the weapons just like Majikoi’s weapons, fake ones? After all, they’re simulating history… do people really have to die? Horizon’s wars are hardly real wars… real wars aren’t so COLOURFUL and MAGICAL and MAJIKOI and SPARKLES EVERYWHERE

P.S.S.S.S. Why do they have cellphones :(

P.S.S.S.S.S. Horizon just seems like a giant play, to me. Everything feels so \ fake /…

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  1. HORIZON! HORIZON! Toori! Toori!

    That fucking talk together was awesome and emotional. ç______ç

    2011/12/22 at 08:30

  2. I ç__onçur.

    2011/12/22 at 17:53

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