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Aegis in the Dark Manga Quarterly Review 2

“I’m turtley enough for the Turtle Club!”

I think this guy just found a waifu because what a turtle she is with her extraordinary neck

TL Note: You have no idea how long I spent on that neck

Is Aegis supposed to be like UN-GO? Right now, Aegis is just about a badass doing badass things, eh deflecting shotgun shells like nobody cares, but being a moral guy in the criminal underground does can create interesting societal situations. There’s some Shitsurakuen-ish vibes from how ‘the Academy is just a battleground for would-be members of the Seihou Organization’ in the latest arc, except with some shrewd gender reversals.

It does show the symmetries between genders – if men can create an evil underground society of men, then women can also create an evil underground society of women. If men can manipulate women to do what they want, then women can manipulate men to do what they want as femme fatales.

Were you wondering why I italicized that? WONDER NO MORE

Side Note: You have no idea how long I spent on those <em> tags

I keep on getting Aegis mixed up with Jesus, and not only because they end in the same sound. I know, I should be able to tell the difference between the protagonists, one’s a scary badass Chinese dude with glasses and one’s a scary badass Chinese dude cosplaying as Dr. Octopus.

But it’s not only the main characters that mix me up – the settings are all very similar. The stories go arc-by-arc, with each new arc dealing with completely different things. They all go into the darkness and violent bits of society, which invariably descends into the underworld. They all first deal with social issues before confronting the final enemy in a badass fight. And of course, they’re both drawn by the same person, written by the same person (who’s different from the artist), and scanlated by the same group.

What I’m trying to say is, bronies are NOT cultured, they are NOT the aristocracy, they are NOT in the field of high society. That’s reserved for Powerpuff-ers, who are in the

Book Note: You have no idea how long I spent on that floundering attempt at a joke (Noted Note: the ‘Book Note’ was not a joke)

I don’t get Zero. You know what else can’t feel pain? Zombies. You know what else DIES like a DYING DEATH DEAD guy? Zombies. Why doesn’t Zero dye like a shirt? It must be because he isn’t trained to do so. Zombie and Zero even have the same first letter.

You know who else can’t feel pain? People with leprosy. You know what else SUFFERS and DIES and REALLY SAD? People with leprosy. That’s why leprosy’s a DISEASE and KILLS PEOPLE and DOESN’T MAKE THEM INVINCIBLE :(

Death Note: People with leprosy

That was not a joke. :(

Why would Karito have a metal arm, anyways? Simply because his arm’s artificial and AUGMENTED doesn’t mean that his reflexes are. Having a metal ARM doesn’t help you react faster. Instead, have a metal, oh, I don’t know, ROCKET LAUNCHER? Or maybe, hmm, a metal MACHINE GUN? Sheesh even Majikoi got this part right. Wait, not really, because even if you HAD the reflexes to cut a bullet in half you don’t have the FINGER STRENGTH to FLICK A BULLET IN HALF *glares at Momoyo*


IT RHYMES CAUSE IT’S TIME TO START baking limes or something anyways I’m tired and bored and if you have leprosy and are offended, please get medical help

End Note: You have no idea how long I spent on creating my WINNING SMILE

here’s a copy attached for your benefit

Foot Note:
1 foot = 30.48 centimetres
2 feet = allows you to walk
3 feet = what are you an alien
10 feet = that’s a bit much

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