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Hyouge Mono 10

I love blogging Hyouge Mono. There’s an entire month between each episode, which allows me time to think and to write about something different every post, rather than always ranting about how something needs to be longer.

Of course, unless I’m short on time. So, this’ll be a short post.

Instead, I’ll make it artificially longer by making you read my previous post, since it directly relates to this post. Many questions that I (well, the show, but my ego must be satiated) raised were answered. Hyouge Mono seems to be on the ‘actual’ historical path, calendar confusion aside. Nobunaga rising up to offer Hashiba bloody tea was definitely a result of Hashiba’s delusions – will this pop up later, Hashiba being somewhat delusional? Or is it just the shock from actually slaying the great, mighty Oda Nobunaga? (Perhaps he’ll develop a craving for the taste of blood? Who knows ;)

You still have to feel sorry for Akechi, taking all the blame while Hashiba takes over the late Nobunaga’s job of ruling over Japan. Even someone like Akechi is still caught in the strings of masterminds.

I do wonder if Senno still has an ulterior motive, other than simply making Japan an aesthetic land. What will become of him after Hashiba is disposed?

Apparently, Yasuke was a black slave of Nobunaga. He fights with Oda Nobutada against Akechi’s forces, but they lose, and he’s never heard of again. Will Hyouge Mono go into speculative paths and reintroduce him as a recurring character? Hyouge Mono’s already done this with Hashiba’s murdering of Nobunaga (which is pretty much impossible to confirm), but they haven’t actually strayed off the historical path.

It will be interesting if they do, though!

P.S. Ah, that closing quote from Episode 1. To think that it’s already been seven months…

P.P.S. I also wonder if ‘Furusa’ was an intentional mispronouncation of ‘Furuta’?

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