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Ben-To 11

What? This post wasn’t late! What ever are you talking about? You’re just jealous of my WINNING SMILE.

In fact, because this post is going to be so short, here’s another post on THE GREAT MERCHANT KIM MANDUK. Where do you think Ben-To gets all its food from? Obviously not from, hah, a SUPERMARKET. They actually get all their food from an EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY KOREAN MERCHANT because they’re cool like that.

And I mean cool. Cause, like Yarizui has a cold, right? And cold things are… cool. GET IT

Apparently, my uncle-in-law got into a car accident, and only now returned home. By only now, I mean he just walked through the door, and instead of comforting him, I’m typing out a post about Japanese cartoons up here in my room. Except I’m not really in my room because my computer’s in the living room. So…

Apparently, he was taking the driving exam (he just came from China) when a truck just ran into him from behind, sending the examiner into the hospital. :X My uncle-in-law was driving with my dad’s car, too, so now my dad’s car is ruined. If the insurance company finds out that my uncle-in-law was in fault, that’s tens of thousands of dollars down the drain… but he wasn’t in fault, right? It was the truck’s fault, right? Look, my winning smile serves as enough evidence!

Apparently, fighting in a supermarket is going to influence shoppers in a bad way, especially the children! Gosh, just think of the children! In You’s case, he actually has to fight for food because he has no money to buy food. In the Kyos’ case, they’re daughters of a supermarket-chain owner! They have money to buy food! And yet, they’re still fighting for half-priced food? That’s just mean, yo – they don’t let people who actually /need/ the food eat it.

Apparently, Ben-To is using Sawagi Kyo and Sawagi Kyo as metaphors for the sadistic rich – people who use their money to cause suffering. There are all types of people in this world, and Ben-To shows us this, albeit a bit exaggerated. Yet, we already had the Monarch demonstrating to us how rich people shouldn’t get involved in the affairs of poor people. So what’s the deal, Ben-To? Why are you telling us things we already know? I’d rhyme this but I just realized that Jesus159159159 doesn’t write for Sea Slugs! Anime Blog anymore. :(

Apparently, many people want to become Asian. Yes, squint at me all you want, but you won’t turn Asian simply by squinting your eyes! If you truly want to become Asian, you must dye your hair and tan your skin! Then, work in shoeshops playing Maplestory all day long until you start hating those cute fluffy little blobs of mushroomy cuteness as ‘Mushyrules’! Once you have done that, then I shall laugh at you because everybody knows that ‘Mushyrules’ just isn’t ‘Mushyrulez’ without the zzzzzzzzzzzzzed. Zed because it’s Canadian.

tl;dr: Apparently, I complain at people who don’t obey their elders and get over their colds with TRADITIONAL HERBAL CHINESE TEA

P.S. Apparently, You’s nickname is Wanko…

P.P.S. Apparently, the final boss is ASH KETCHUM… I like how he’s a new character. Yumekui Merry much?

P.P.P.S. Apparently, the last episode will be better than Majikoi’s last episode, and will have the best fighting sequences of this season. You have my guarantee.

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