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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Animated Commentary 15 [Completed]


Maybe I’m not thinking quite straight today, but I didn’t like this commentary.

Commentaries are supposed to add to our enjoyments of shows, right? But this didn’t add to my enjoyment at all. I heard forced joke after forced joke, fake acting after fake acting, and failed advertisements after failed advertisements. Yet, I only really laughed once, the actors didn’t even realize their acting was so fake, and I’ve no money to buy anything even if I wanted to.

In short, this commentary was useless. Utterly useless. Udder-ly useless, I might say, as producing this is like milking a dead cow, except the cow’s actually alive and now it’s radioactive, because that’s what they’ll do to continuing raking in the thousands and thousands of dollars of profit from this show.

I’ve heard that this is one of the better commentaries out there. So it’s not that this commentary was bad; it’s that most commentaries are bad, and this commentary… well, it wasn’t bad, either. Yet, the best thing going for the original Oreimo anime was the art; and with this commentary having minimal artistic direction, it’s hardly playing to its strengths.

Some things were genuinely intriguing and interesting, and the assaults on Kirino, Kuroneko and Kyousuke’s character in this episode just had to be done (seriously, this guy is a siscon to the max!).

The rest… as I said, not bad, not good.

Overall Rating: 3/10 (Neutral)

tl;dr: Oreimo season two coming out in winter 2013
Oreimo season three coming out in summer 2013
Oreimo season four coming out in fall 2013
Oreimo season five and six simultaneously coming out in winter 2014
Oreimo seasons seven to ten all coming out in spring 2014
Oreimo seasons eleven to eighteen airing in summer of 2014, one episode airs every single day

et cœtera.

P.S. Yeah, people gonna flame me for this but I’M ON VACATION HUEHUEHUE

P.S.S. What a horrible last post of 2011 :(

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