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ST&RS 20

So I’m back from vacation and heading off to school (tomorrow’s the first day of school again!), and here’s a quick post. Mind, this being published half a month after the previous ST&RS post was because of (translator? author? Jump taking a break?) delays, not because I’m an unpunctual person! You know that I’m always at the time of my top! Or something.

With the past couple chapters focusing on Mikura being emo instead of, y’know, SPACE, I was just getting ready to drop this manga when SUDDENLY, SPACE! Imagine my surprise:

ST&RS’s real selling point, or should I say, star (cause, stars are like points, right?) is in its space. s p a c e s p a c e s p a c e . When your manga is suffering from horrible sales… you don’t add childhood drama into it! Children don’t even HAVE drama! Most teenagers don’t have drama, either! Or at least I don’t, as my electives are strings and art.

I’ll bet that ST&RS’s rankings were tumbling before the mangaka decided to add Mikura into the whole mix, but after he added that in, then things seriously started to roll. Downhill. More like fall in an avalanche-like fashion, not that falling, rolling, or tumbling downhill can be considered the height of fashion, seeing as you’re falling down and definitely not ascending a great height.

Bringing it back uphill with a literal rocket isn’t going to work, anymore! ST&RS is a satellite rotating around Mars at geosynchronous orbit, but slowly falling down in a controlled manner until the pilot decided to, uh, turn the satellite straight towards the planet, setting it on a crash course that nothing can save.




tl;dr: SIEGMUND BAUMGARTEN is a bit too spiky teeth

6 responses

  1. I dropped this manga because nobody read it so therefore it’s not cool to read.

    Nice res

    2012/01/04 at 03:01

  2. they call me the reser

    2012/01/04 at 05:48

  3. When I saw the release of the latest chapter, my reaction was “Oh great, NOW WHAT.”

    I think that says something about whether I should keep it in my reading-list.

    2012/01/04 at 07:15

  4. I see no reason why you’d keep it, though if you ever do want to drop it, I’ll bet it’ll end the chapter after the chapter you dropped it yet.

    …that was unnecessarily long

    2012/01/05 at 00:38

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