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RRR Manga Quarterly Review 4

Once again I’m late, but I HAVE AN EXCUSEPLANATION!

A series of events caused this DISASTER:

1. Yesterday, I was “busy” because I was “working” on my “socials project”, and didn’t even draft a post;

2. At last block, a “friend” *cough cough houraicough guycough cough* had a watch that was late by four minutes;

3. I didn’t catch the bus I usually went on because I thought only the first bell had rang due to my friend’s watch;

4. The bus I did catch was actually late.

5. In this sticky situation, I would usually pull up some random Ore no Kouhai/Oreimo Animated Commentary post, but the next Ore no Kouhai‘s not out yet, and the commentary is over! Add that along to how I’m not blogging Ben-To, Horizon, nor Majikoi anymore, how my Fall Mid-Season Review isn’t even close to finished, and how it’ll take me hours to write a Winter Season Preview, and you’ll notice that – SPANISH SHOCK – I don’t have any posts to write! This is the only post that I /can/ write!

Yeah, I can imagine your faces right now.

They look like this:


Remember Btooom!? The manga came out with like a chapter every other day, and thirteen chapters took just a month to release.

So, now it’s been a month and a half; where’s Btooom!?

Turns out that, obviously, Btooom! isn’t serialized for a chapter every other day – imagine being the mangaka, you’d have to finish one page every hour, and work for twenty hours every single day.

…Yeah, not fun. The scanlators merely saw a cool manga, and decided to buy the volumes and release the chapters from the beginning to where it is now. Btooom!’s actually written a chapter every month, I think, so it’ll be a long time until another MQR comes out about that.

Meanwhile, RRR just shows no signs of stopping. I still don’t even know whether it’s scanlated through serialized ongoing magazines, through volumes of the chapters while it’s still serialized, or whether RRR is actually finished! But it’s not like anybody expects me to know, so I’m fine.

Boxing manga focuses on fights. But when a fight is six chapters long, the pacing becomes slow as heck – say there’s one fight every week of in-manga time. Six weeks pass for one week to pass in the manga, and it’ll take six years (over three hundred chapters!) before a year elapses.

I wonder how RRR is going to go with this – focus on the fights and Rikitarou winning, or focus on his development as a single father? Perhaps there’ll be a timeskip, and suddenly it’ll go to a Bunny Drop-esque endi-NO DON’T SAY IT

I like how they still sorta focus on them getting jobs, and those gangsters joining boxing to reform their lives. Kinda like those three gangsters from Eyeshield 21 who actually became great players on the team (I think one of them was actually a child prodigy?). But boxing isn’t a team sport – having more people on your side isn’t going to help you win in the ring, unless the people you have on your side have buckets of money. Then, they’ll throw the buckets of money in the ring, and your opponent’s going to slip on the money while you take the buckets and whack him on the head. Trust me, this works every time.

*one day later*

Yeah, it worked, didn’t it? You just have to have enough money and enough buckets, and wait, what? You look pretty mad. Did you lose or anything? What? My plan didn’t work? I’m a fraudster? What do you mean?! How could I have profited from you throwing your money at the opponent! I wouldn’t ever suggest such a preposterous plan! Wait no what are you doing STOP-

Rikitarou isn’t just a shounen protagonist, right? But other than him being older, what is the difference? Is he more mature than shounen protagonists? No, he isn’t. All he does is punch things and work hard. Everybody else does that, except Shu, who puts his arm into girl’s breasts and then slice things with, uh, the girl’s intestine or something. He also works hard.

Is it because he’s raising a child? No, there are many harem leads who have to take care of a little sister, right? Sure, it’s not a baby sister, but it’s a similar thing.

So what is it? Is there anything that makes Rikitarou different from any old Shu?

…perhaps there isn’t. But with faces like Hyouge Mono’s, everybody looks cooler.

P.S. Here’s an obligatory link to Katawa Shoujo, which is now finished. You know that 4chan VN about disabled girls 2DT was talking about? Yeah. Haven’t tried it out yet, and I probably won’t try it out, as I personally have a severe mentaphysical allergy to dating sims of any kind. Seriously. Whenever I play a dating sim I BREAK DOWN IN TEARS as I, uh, y’know, tear down the computer screen

get it


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