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Vacation Tags: A Call for Help

Why the title?

This post is about two things – my recent vacation, and tags on this blog. Having my vacation just on its own would be boring (which fits in with the theme of the blog, but I’m being rebellious today), and I just can’t think of names for these tags, so it makes sense to smush the two things together into one post, which is actually two posts because my vacation doesn’t have anything to do with tags. Being also in a hurry (as I always am), I couldn’t come up with a witty title, and so just smushed the two things together à la Mushyrulez into ‘Vacation Tags’.

However, most of the people who read this blog don’t actually read posts on this blog, and they’d doubly not read a post titled ‘Vacation Tags’. Thus, by adding ‘A Call for Help’ with a fancy colon, not only have I raised my post up to professional quality standards (as you may know, all professional essays have colons, all coloned essays are professional, and all Colonel Essays does is eat chicken wings all day long), but I have attracted your attention, for this post is really a call for help.


Now that that is done, let’s proceed to the vacation tags part. No, I was not tagging people in Facebook photos, for several obvious reasons:

1. I have very bad name-to-face memory, and know by face a total of approximately fifty people.

2. I hardly bring my camera with me, and when I do, I prefer not to take shots of people.

3. I prefer Twitter over Facebook, as I am a witty (read: retarded) comedian (read: idiot) on Twitter and a retarded idiot on Facebook.

4. I do not have a phone as a replacement camera. Actually, I only have one camera.

5. I don’t have (m)any friends, and I won’t tag strangers.

6. I don’t even have a Facebook account, nor have I ever wanted to create one.

7. There was no Internet during our trip.

Perhaps I accidentally numbered that list backwards.

Onwards to tags. It’s not that I can’t think of the tags (I actually don’t want to think of more tags…), but I can’t think of good names for the tags. Sorta like those new tags I added a while ago about retarded rhymes, crappy capitalization, absurd alliteration, and stupid sentences, or the Kurimagane Post tag. Seriously, what the hell is a ‘Kurimagane Post’?! I can’t even spell it correctly!

Thus, you know that I can’t come up with good tag names.

I want just one tag for zoomed-in images (like this post where it’s so zoomed in that you can actually see the individual pixels. Something like ‘Zoomed-in Images’, but that sounds stupid, so many something like ‘Images that are Zoomed-in’. Actually, that’s even worse. Something like ‘In which Mushyrulez zooms-in into Images’. No, wait, THIS IS WHY I SHOULDN’T MAKE TAGS

The next ones are a bit more complicated, and by a bit more complicated, I mean a bit less complicated. I want to know what the general genres of anime are, and what you think they should be – genres that cover every anime ever made (so an ‘Other’ genre could work), and have a somewhat-equal number of anime in each genre. Not 50 genres, and not 3 genres either – maybe a good number is around five to ten?

Why am I not thinking of these myself? Well, one, I suck at naming tags. You could then wonder why my tags would have to have good names, since nobody looks at them anyways. Well, the real reason isn’t that I suck at naming tags, but it’s that I have nothing to post, and nothing really happened in my vacation.

Speaking about my vacation, I’ll speak about my vacation.

My parents bought a new home in Port Coquitlam a few months ago, and yes, I am indeed a rich bastard (no, not really). Because nobody’s actually living in the house and the floors are piled up with seven metres of dust, we decided to go there and clean up the place.

Here’s an itinerary:

December 30th, Afternoon: Leave house (in Vancouver), go to Port Coquitlam.
December 30th, Evening: Eat out at a Greek restaurant. Everybody orders one $12 entrée, we’re thinking of ordering more because $12 just isn’t enough. Turns out they gave us so much we couldn’t finish eating, and had to throw out the food in shame. DON’T KILL ME

December 31st, Morning: Wake up (in Port Coquitlam), watch brother play Terraria, which he just started. Sweep seven metres of dust off the floors.
December 31st, Noon: Eat out at IHOP. Everybody orders one $12 pancake, we’re thinking of ordering more because $12 just isn’t enough. Turns out they gave us so much we couldn’t finish eating, and had to throw out the food in shame.
December 31st, Afternoon: Walk around Port Coquitlam.
December 31st, Evening: Watch brother play Terraria.
December 31st, Night: Watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace for the first time. DON’T KILL ME

January 1st, Morning: Wake up (in Port Coquitlam), eat porridge.
January 1st, Noon: Hike up a mountain for four hours. Hiked until there was ice, and then it was too slippery to continue, so we headed down.
January 1st, Afternoon: Watch brother play Terraria.
January 1st, Evening: Eat out at an all-you-can-eat sushi place. Turns out they gave us enough that we could finish eating, but Japanese food is bad. Modern sushi was invented in California (did you know: California rolls were invented in California), so it suits my Western palate, but actual Japanese food is disgusting. Or maybe just the restaurant. DON’T KILL ME

January 2nd, Morning: Wake up (in Port Coquitlam), Watch brother play Terraria.
January 2nd, Noon: Leave house (in Port Coquitlam), go to Vancouver.


All those pictures were taken on the mountain, but not as high up as the snow areas. We saw footprints, but aren’t sure whether they’re bear footprints or deer footprints or beer footprints or snowshoes. Probably snowshoes. In the shape of a bear footprint.

P.S. Katawa Shoujo update: I was thinking of playing through it all and writing an O-NEG on it because of all the hype, but after I reached the bad end of Act 1 in my first playthrough after four hours…

I don’t think I’m cut out for playing visual novels! :( *tears*

P.P.S. this post is still late huh :(

9 responses

  1. …really?The bad end in Act 1?How…?How is that even possible?Well,on the other hand it’s understandable.I got the bad end for Shizune’s route and I had to replay and fix my mistake.[Yay for “Save” and “Skip” opinions.]But you know…you should make a post for it.You know…just for the heck of making a post. <_<

    Also,I read all of your posts.How do you feel about that unbelievable fact?

    2012/01/07 at 02:57

  2. Stop reading all of my posts. :(

    Well, what are you supposed to do, get a girlfriend in your first week of school?! Nobody does that!

    2012/01/07 at 18:16

  3. I won’t stop!I’ll read them until the end of your life as a blogger!

    Dammit Mushy,you could have at least go for Emi’s route.It’s like,one-click-on-the-right-choice-at-the-track field-place.[I guess]

    2012/01/07 at 21:20

  4. I don’t try to get girlfriends in the first day of school!

    I’m that fat guy at the back of the classroom who can’t get out of his desk because he’s too fat for his desk. (Actually, I sit at the middle of the classroom because everybody sitting at the back of the classroom has computers because the back of the classroom has power outlets and everybody with computers need outlets and I don’t have a computer, so I sit at the middle of the classroom. And I don’t have a desk so I can’t not get out of the desk I don’t have.)


    2012/01/08 at 00:05


    What’s wrong with my english?

    2012/01/08 at 00:09

  6. I thought what I wrote was long and confusing to everybody but I reread what I wrote and maybe I’m not sure if what I wrote was appropriately not understandable or not.

    2012/01/08 at 01:32

  7. houraiguy

    Ah, how EXCITING was it to WATCH your BROTHER PLAY TERRARIA? I wonder what he did! I wonder if it involved DIGGING! For THREE HOUR PERIODS! LIKE I DO!

    No seriously, Terraria’s pretty boring to watch. If there was nothing better to do, I pity you

    2012/01/09 at 05:31

  8. You obviously haven’t watched your brother dig for three hour periods at a time! After the first hour of ennui, an hour of boredom sets in, but that’s all in preparation for the next half hour of apathy, which will lead into fifteen minutes of fatigue and then eight minutes of monotony, followed by four minutes of lethargy and immediately proceeding into two disgusting minutes of tedium. Then, in the final minute you walk away. The end.

    P.S. make a terraria post

    2012/01/09 at 05:59

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