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Gin no Saji Manga Quarterly Review 2

Well, the past three posts were all rewrite historys. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

Now, I have an excuse for today – as I go every #SuicideSaturday, I went to Chinese school to learn how to write with my left hand while not listening to what the teacher is saying. Since Chinese school ends at 3:30, and it takes me 31 minutes to bus home, it’s logically impossible for me to finish writing an unfinished post before 4:00. Unfortunately, the otaku girls (fujoshi?) left early, and all they did was watch some lame anime on their iPoods or LameStations or whatever those fancy mobile vices are called nowadays. Hey, to all girls reading this blog (current number: 0), remember, if you’re ever in Chinese school and a fat guy sitting at the back of the classroom is intensely staring at a blank page in his book while writing with his left hand, that’s probably not me.

You may be wondering, ‘Why does Mushyrulez keep on using these ‘You may be wondering, ‘Why does Mushyrulez keep on using these ‘You may be wondering, [insert generic question here that nobody’s wondering]’ rhetorical questions?’ forms of speech?’ style devices?’ I’m wondering that too. You may also be wandering, ‘Wow, I’m lost and I don’t have a map so I’m wandering!’, or ‘Wow, I have a gender identity crisis and I’m a Wandering Son!’

You may also be wondering, ‘So, if you got home at 4:01, why didn’t you just finish writing the post at, say, 5:01? It can’t take you more than an hour to write such a lame post!’

haahahhah thats the bsest joke iv herds in a while it taikes me at least thrre hours to writ a post idiotds

Now, I have an excuse for today – as I don’t watch every #SuicideSaturday, I watched my brother playing Portal 2 to learn how to master mechanical sarcasm while not looking at what my brother is playing. Since playing Portal 2 ends at 10:30, and it takes me 31 minutes to sleep, it’s logically impossible for me to sleep before 11:00.

(He got Portal 2 from some sort of prize last year, but it couldn’t run on his old laptop. Having a new laptop, Portal 2 does run, and he runs Portal 2.)

Portal 2’s a pretty cool game, even though I’m not playing it. This is what it feels to watch an LP, I guess. I did try one level for five minutes, learning how to jump on blue gel for six minutes and dying three times within seven minutes. It wasn’t a very fun eight minutes of time. So, I just watch my brother play.

I think that without Portal, sarcasm would not exist on the Internet. I would not even be typing this very sentence! But that’s beside the point. Let’s get back to sleeping.

Of course, after I slept, I woke up tomorrow, and realized that – SPANISH SHOCK – I didn’t write a post for today yet! So I rushed over to my computer, made some lame excuses, and here I am now, writing today’s post tomorrow.

Why am I writing posts anyways? :| gosh josh

I really wonder what PETA would say about Gin no Saji.
On one hand, it talks about proper treatment of animals and how to properly care for them.
On the other hand, THEY KILL COWS.

On one hand, it talks about the moral dilemmas people face when forced to kill animals.
On the other hand, THEY KILL CHICKENS.

On one hand, if they didn’t kill animals and there was no meat, people would hardly have enough vegetables to feed everyone.
On the other hand, THEY KILL PIGS.

On one hand, there’s consumer demand for meat, and they’re forced to meat (haha) that demand to earn a living. On the other hand, THEY KILL DEER.

On one hand, billions of people are employed in a meat-related job. On the other hand, THEY KILL SHEEP.

this is a stupid straw man argument
brb getting hit by 20 kilograms of SALTLICK

I wouldn’t expect such a didactic (yes, I learned a new word last week, why do you ask) manga to sell so well. A million copies?! Then again, Yotsuba&! is also arguably a didactic manga, which probably has gargantuan sales. Yet, Gin no Saji has no moé girls nor cute children (well, main character). So how the hell is it so successful?

Its humour is really the glue of the series. The main point of Gin no Saji is still to teach us that farmers are cool people, that eating pigs is OK, and that urban city life is not always the best type of life. But without the humour, it’d be like reading one of those bland edumacational novels, playing one of those bland edumathional games, or watching one of those bland emudashionla movies – bland, edumacational, edumathional, and emudashionla (which isn’t the at the height of emufashionla).

Yes, I can imagine your shock. You’ll have to change your entire emudashionla war-robes!

The main plot still isn’t introduced yet, and I still don’t know who these characters are. This freckles-girl just suddenly appears out of nowhere (I mean, she was in the background but Hachiken never spoke to her), and now all of the teachers are being introduced too. Gin no Saji seems to be set on painting a very nostalgic picture of highschool, with all these different students and teachers and activities and clubs that I never met/attended/cared about. :( story of my life (and also why I got the bad end for act 1 in Katawa Shoujo on my first try):

In the city, everybody hates their job and just wants to retire, and children should never work. In the country, most people like their job and they never really retire – look at Aki’s grandmother, who, uh, still sits around being a grandma. Children also work, probably of their own volition through the environment that they were raised in. At the end, all you can do is compare the two – you can’t say that any lifestyle is better. They’re just different.

There’s this whole urban sentiment that farmers are all uneducated poor Chinese people, but that’s definitely not true. They may be uneducated, in, say, working in office cubicles, but aren’t we similarly uneducated in running over and butchering live deer?

Maybe, someday, some PETA supporter or somebody from the city who chastises them for animal cruelty will come to the school. It’ll be an interesting experience – the city-guy can learn what it’s like to live on a farm, and the farmers can also question what they’re doing themselves. I’m sure it’ll happen.

Gin no Saji is nice because of Hachiken – instead of having a main character who nobody can relate to who comes from a farm, you have a person fresh from the city who has to adjust to rural life. You can easily connect things in the story to things in our daily lives – for example, the change everybody goes through after a break, the fierce friendly competition between two opposing schools, and the blood bond of brothers.

Yet, at the same time, trappings of urban life trap Hachiken into a trap of urban life – for example, the drama with Hachiken’s mom being a mom and Hachiken’s dad being a dad. The story sure is going slowly, but I’m fine with that. Unlike other manga that I’m begging to end, I’d like to see Gin no Saji continue for a hundred chapters, or more, until the author can create an adequate conclusion – perhaps Hachiken graduating?

Still, the chapter names are a bit stupid. The next chapter is going to be called Falltime. People will fall and people will time the fall times.

tl;dr: Tamako’s farm has eight hundred cows & cows & cows

tl;dr part two: sheep

P.S. It’s hard to be a vegetarian…
P.P.S. Irrationality is a school precept….
P.P.P.S. These pigs are twice as heavy as I am…..

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