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Persona 4 OP: Dreamin’

Hey guys, Katawa Shoujo update. So, uh, [SPOILER ALERT] here’s a whole user-made flowchart about every possible route in the game. He’s done it so you don’t have to play! …The number of choices actually seems quite small, but I don’t play visual novels, so I wouldn’t know! =3=

Unlike THE LYRICS GOD ONLY KNOWS CHALLENGE, I actually know the lyrics of this OP, so it was harder to make it not make sense.

tl;dr: here are the lyrics to the persona 4 opening. it’s about what i dream when i sleep

(if you haven’t realized already, watch the video and read my lyrics as they are sung in the video. it will enrich your ears.)

We are living out lies,

A pound which sews munching formation.

Come on, let’s go, every moment don’t you know? You’re living on the jungle there.

Try to flip the bowls, do the cooking on the go, but I know you’s Heinz, while I’m being cuisine.

Rowing, low down, load them – kick me, reach me, ax at ’em. Can’t pass the feet?

Warning, want it, won it, got no shut? Suck it, I’ll dent your teeth!

Get up on your fat ate-all powers,

‘Cause your brain is all the hollow words.

Stupid downtown will catch (you know where),

Go to tampering your mind…

We all trust in a laser’s relate kinships,

Like girls’ songs with or without shoes.

I spin in the sea of the unconscious.

I search for your house, purse swing my two cells…

tl;dr part two: this is what i post when i have nothing to post

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