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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 6

Woah, woah, woah. You didn’t think that I’d publish these 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) posts every other day, did you? When you saw that 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) Part Two, you didn’t think that my 2012 Winter Anime (Preview) Part Three would be published today, did you? Well, guess what? It’s not going to be published today. And I can’t write them every other day. They take too much time. For themselves. They should learn to share all that time they take.

So, yep, it’s #SuicideSaturday once more, and thus I hardly have enough time to make even this short post! You didn’t think those suspiciously suicidal segments of silly statements yesterday and the day before were just silly statements, did you? If you didn’t, you’re an idiot. They were silly statements.

But really, I have no time to create a full-blown Part Three of the preview, especially since Part Three is the only part that actually has good shows. Part One had only sequels (that I didn’t watch), in a failed effort to save time, because I assumed that I could just write the post as:

Danball Senki W

This is the sequel to Danball Senki. I didn’t watch Danball Senki.

Potential: SS

Smile Precure!

This is a Precure anime. I don’t watch Precure anime.

Potential: SS

Amagami SS+

This is the sequel to Amagami SS. I watched three episodes of Amagami SS. The SS stands for ‘second season’.

Potential: Amagami

But I couldn’t. I just had to make it long. And fill it with stupid drawings.

I mean, even Scamp questions the point (point: there is no point): I won­der why I cover sequels in sea­son pre­views? There isn’t really any point. If you have seen the first sea­son, you know what to expect from the second and don’t need me explain­ing what the deal is. If you haven’t seen the first sea­son, there’s no point in read­ing pre­views because you will need to have seen the first sea­son for context.

But when a third of the entire season (exactly a third, mind you; there are thirty shows ‘airing’, and ten of them are sequels, so each of my posts has exactly ten shows) are sequels, not talking about them just makes your preview too short. Or maybe not, when your preview’s a combined total of over nine thousand words.


I was wrong, wasn’t I? It doesn’t matter whether you write about sequels, bad shows, or good ones.

Season previews take a heck of a long time.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the three posts are split into three main categories: the first post is entirely sequels, the second post is entirely bad shows, and the third post is half bad-shows and half-bad shows and half decent-shows. At the end, the only good shows are covered in the third post, and barely half of them are actually good.

…what a horrible season.

Y’know, I would’ve created a better distribution. Maybe something like METANORN’s, where each are put into separate categories. But nooo, of course, nobody wants me to categorize my anime, seeing as NOBODY offered me any suggestions on better tag names. Though, in hindsight (or, foresight, since I haven’t written the final part of the preview yet), it was probably better to group the posts into good shows and bad shows. It’s not like anybody wants to read about bad shows, anyways.

Oh, right, this was an Ore no Kouhai post. I almost forgot.

I like how the woman’s intentionally berating Kuroneko. It is very funny.

So is the drawing style. It sucks a lot. So it is very funny. If there were a terribad for manga, Ore no Kouhai would be my first pick.

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  1. Oriemu si a preti cul gai.Eh draws sucks and is not scari of Mushy.

    2012/01/15 at 22:51

  2. Hey!That’s not what I wrote! <_< Why are you modifying my comments?At least be a man and accept the reality as it is! (#IAI)/

    2012/01/15 at 22:58

  3. I think I’m a pretty cool guy. eh modifies comments and afraid of everyone

    2012/01/15 at 23:39

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