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Hyouge Mono 11

Wow, how does this happen?! Neither joojoobees nor GuardianEnzo has written a post about this episode yet. This never happens! I guess they’re busy with season previews or something, unlike me, who has just decided to fuck season previews and blog whatever shit I want whenever I want.

Here’s my face:

Ah, the OP changes once more. I think the second OP was just a messed up OP they decided to compose in a day’s time because of that marijuana incident suddenly coming out of nowhere, and now, six weeks later, they’ve finally come up with a proper replacement OP.

I mean, when I first heard the proper replacement OP, I thought my computer froze up from static or something, leapt out of my chair in fright, and accidentally slammed my foot onto the ceiling because my foot was just inches from the ceiling at the time. Because my foot was in a state of broken-ness, I proceeded to stumble around the place. Unfortunately, I was stumbling around on a mat of steel nails, and now, I guess I don’t have a foot anymore.

I still think the original OP was far more classy. Although the proper replacement OP is pretty suave, the original just radiates classiness from its every pore.

Moral of the story: don’t take drugs. If you take drugs, the classy OP you composed will be substituted with a replacement OP. Then if you take more drugs, the replacement OP you composed will be like Hyouge Mono’s proper replacement OP:


I wonder if Yasuke actually speaks Japanese with that accent; the accent sounds very American, whereas Yasuke speaks Portugese, right? I mean, didn’t the guy from Russia Sushi also speak with the same accent? The Japanese accent of Portugese foreigners and Russian foreigners is as different as the English accent of Chinese foreigners and Indian foreigners. You can obviously tell when a person is speaking English with a heavy Chinese accent and a heavy Indian accent; so there should also be a difference between speaking Japanese with a heavy Portugese accent and a heavy Russian accent.

Hosokawa Fujitaka cuts his son, Hosokawa Tadaoki’s hair to form a tonsure. I’m pretty sure tonsures are only for Christian missionaries and the like; what symbolism does it have in Japanese culture? Is it like a blood bond, where you make a strong promise to do something by having a tonsure? What significance does that scene have?

I don’t know, I’m not Japanese.

Apparently, Tadaoki’s wife is Akechi’s daughter, and after Hashiba took power, converted into a Christian through her correspondence with Takayama Ukon, the cool Christian dude we saw before. I wonder if Hyouge Mono’s going to show this scene later on? It’ll be interesting to see the conflicting views on suicide; the Japanese viewing it as honourable, and the Christians viewing it as a sin.

Also interestingly enough, right now, both Tadaoki and his wife are only 19 (they were married when they were 15). Imagine leading an army before you even graduate from high school! No wonder he’s so angry all the time.

At the end, this episode was all build-up, as the various parties made their final decisions. The question is not whether or not to fight against Akechi; the question is who to ally yourself with? Three main powers are forcing their way up in this chaos – Hashiba Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Shibata Katsuie. Akechi already doesn’t matter.

You could even say that he’s a caught cheese.

tl;dr: in this episode, furuta makes dirty jokes

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