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Snow-New Picture Dump

As some of you may know, it recently snowed in Vancouver.

GET IT?! O-New, Snow-New? O-New stands for ‘ostriches never eat wheat’, while Snow-New stands for ‘snow never occurs when north Europe waits’. That doesn’t have much to do with this picture dump, but oh well.

Remember that time I skipped school to take pictures? Yeah, neither do I. But I took pictures at Queen Elizabeth Park back then, and also back during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I guess I like Queen Elizabeth Park or something, because WOW these pictures are from there too.

Y’know, I’m only ever at home, on the bus, at school, or at Queen Elizabeth Park. I’m at home 70% of the time, at school 27% of the time, on the bus 2.7% of the time, at Queen Elizabeth Park 0.27% of the time, at a various miscellaneous other places for the final 0.03% of my life.

Yeah my life’s pretty boring isn’t it

Or would’ve been if I didn’t see this AMAZING FROZEN RIVER at Queen Elizabeth Park! I’ve never seen a frozen river before, let alone an AMAZING frozen river. It’s like frozen yoghurt; you want to eat it even though you know it’s bad for you. Actually I didn’t want to eat that frozen river very much but WHATEVER.

Also here is a BIRD it is a TINY BIRD it is like half of half the size of a small person’s small hand that is how TINY the TINY BIRD is.

Anyways, this is related to my Winter Season Preview because this snow proves that it’s now winter. Unfortunately, this is the first and last snowfall of the year so no more wintering for me. :( I’d write that preview faster but I can’t because I’ve got snow focus. HAHAHTAHTHHUCAHEHAOETQUKNEOuAS<HECAHOEUna,13qjZ';?='

tl;dr: I didn't know I could change the exposure of my pictures

P.S. Here’s another picture that WASN’T taken at Queen Elizabeth Park, SPANISH SHOCK. This was taken at home. Through a window. Where I am right now. And where I was for 70% of my life.

(No, not the window, idiot.)

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