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A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon [Completed]

I’m typing this from school because, guess what? I’ve got a visit to the optometrist at 4:10 this afternoon, it’s stupid to rush back home to write a post for two minutes before going to the optometrist and being late for my appointment, and it’s hard to go to the optometrist at 4:10, get my new contacts, and rush back home in time to write a post by 4:00, namely because I am not in possession of a time machine.

Anyways, I haven’t read any manga for over two weeks now, other than one chapter for that Ore no Kouhai post and another chapter for that Gin no Saji post. I’d like to continue my streak of not reading much manga, and have decided to read a short one-shot, for a short one-shot hardly qualifies as ‘much manga’ at all.

In fact, this short one-shot (you could even say that it’s a one-short) is pretty short. It’s eight pages long. Yes, I have nothing better to post than a post about a eight-page-long oneshot about crossdressing, lolicons, and incest.

So, what is the manga about?

A cute boy wants to be a manly boy. He becomes a manly boy.

The end.

The manga is interesting because everybody hates it. Even MAL, known for scoring everything remotely decent a ‘7’, anything passably good a ‘8’, anything average a ‘9’, and nothing at all a ’10’, has graced A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon with a score of 5.84. To date, only ten other manga have scores of less than 5.84. The third worst is Battle Royale 2, with a score of 5.26, but after that the scores just rapidly degenerate. My Sweet Sisters, another one-short (five pages long!), has the second-lowest score of a 4.80, and finally, High School Musical has (and rightly deserves), the lowest score of any manga ever published – a meager 3.61. A 3.61! Imagine that – this is coming from a community where everybody rates everything a 10 if it isn’t a 9. If terribad manga reviews existed, these would be the cream of the crop, for rather obvious reasons – they’re the worst manga in existence.

HOWEVER. A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon does not deserve this blatant hate. Most All of the arguments against its existence say that it’s ‘pointless’, ‘stupid’, and ‘a waste of time’. It’s eight pages long, people! How much time does that waste?! A minute. A minute that you would’ve used doing… what? Picking your nose? Picking up trash you threw on the ground because there was no trash bin nearby and you were just picking your nose with a dried anchovy stick that you threw on the ground? Picking an axe? Axing a pick? Mining a craft? Crafting a mine?

Is A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon stupid? I’ll tell you other manga that are stupid. Bleach is stupid. It’s also a waste of time. What do you get from reading Bleach?! Nothing. But from A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon, you learn the important moral lesson that you should always let your little brother cut his hair, so that he can become a manly man. Why does Angel Beats! Another Epilogue get rated so high when it’s just as short as this oneshot? There’s no introduction, no climax, and no conclusion there either. Actually, there’s even an introduction, rising action, a climax, and a denouement in A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon. The introduction shows a girly boy in page one. The main problem is the girly boy wanting to become a manly boy, shown in page two and three. The rising action starts when his brother ignores his wishes in page four and five. After a brief relapse in tension in page six, his big brother explains his side in page seven. Then, the climax comes when the girly boy realizes the solution to his problem in page eight, putting it into action in the next (and last) page. The big brother relents, and allows the girly boy to finally become a manly man, properly concluding this masterpiece of a one-short.

It’s not just some creepy lolicon paedophilic incest manga; it subverts the subject as easily as one would flip a slice of buttered toast. You can just see the sarcasm and self-irony oozing through its pages, as it makes fun of itself and the entire genre as being disgusting and stupid – from the stupid bullying that’s easily overcome through simple logic to the ridiculous conclusion of it all, it highlights the major plot holes and flaws in almost all other ecchi manga. Sometimes, a complicated problem doesn’t have a complicated solution. Sometimes, you just don’t need to spend years working on a master plan to escape your predicament. Most of the time, politely asking will solve everything, including 95% of all problems in 95% of all slice-of-life animanga, with 95% accuracy 95% of the time.

Besides, people don’t /actually/ want to dress up as girls. Even people like Hideyoshi; while everybody adores him for crossdressing, he’s obviously uncomfortable with it himself. You’ve got to think of the feelings of the crossdressers, too – nobody actually wants to be a trap. Not even Hideyoshi. In fact, simply by politely asking, he went on to stop crfossdressing and become one of the three great unifying manly men of modern Japan. Which is pretty manly. Just like the protagonist of this manga. Who does indeed become a manly boy at the end. Not a boyish man.

tl;dr: a modern masterpiece of visual storytelling

Overall Rating: 3/10 (Neutral)

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  2. yes

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