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stupideas: reverse tsundere

Sorry guys with all the inactivity lately. I’m really bummed out from doing the Winter Season Previews, and with that International Baccalaureate entrance exam /and/ Chinese final exam today, I’ve got like two headaches and can think about as straight as a circle. Furthermore, I probably won’t have time to make posts tomorrow and the day after because it’s Chinese New Year; basically, I’m stressed out. Apparently, I also have low blood pressure and suffer from frequent spells of orthostatic hypotension. Huh, who knew (hint: not me).

So this is a pretty subdued post. I’ve no anime to watch and no manga to read; and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to make a coherent post. Thus, it’s time for another episode of stupideas; but this time, without all those enthusiastic caps. I don’t have enough energy to press that shift button. Really. I make these capital letters by copying and pasting them from Wikipedia.

The main character of ‘reverse tsundere’ (yes, that’s the anime’s title, and yes, it’s not supposed to be capitalized) is, as you would expect, a tsundere. However, he’s male. He’s also ugly as hell. And nobody likes him, because nobody ever talks to him, and so nobody knows about his dere side, so everybody only sees him being tsuntsun. Which is annoying. And he’s also ugly.

One day, a transfer student comes in. She’s ugly too, and she has no personality whatsoever. Basically, it’s your average J.C. Staff anime but genderswapped and with ugly people. The transfer student is completely normal, except for her ugliness, which is a bit more ugly than normal. In fact, she’s the most ordinary person ever. After a while, nobody notices her either, because she’s so normal. The transfer student never speaks to the reverse tsundere, but secretly, she’s actually INDIFFERENT ABOUT HIM! And guess what?! The reverse tsundere is also INDIFFERENT ABOUT HER! AMAZING! WOW I broke my promise of not using caps sorry

After five years, they graduate from high school and go into separate universities. Then they get normal jobs and start earning money. The girl moves away to Canada, while the boy stays in Japan. The boy gets a wife and the girl gets a husband, and eventually they grow old. Finally, they die.

The end.

P.S. Even my site stats are telling me that my recent posts suck. I got half the number of views yesterday as I got in any day last week. My top searches were ‘anyways’ with three searches, ‘hess hitler’ also with three searches, and ‘anatomy manga girl’ with two searches.

tl;dr: I’ll finish writing my Mouretsu Pirates post and Steins;Gate posts later… (probably next week)


6 responses

  1. Who’s marketing reverse tsundere in US/Canada? Sounds like one I ought to get. Who’re the seiyu? Is there an English dub? How many eps? What are the extras? HOW MUCH!?

    2012/01/22 at 05:41

  2. I’m marketing reverse tsundere worldwide. This post is its only promotional material.

    The seiyuu are dead.

    The anime is in English, and has 0.3 episodes. Each episode is 1000 words long.

    The extras were extraneous, so we took them out. The entire show is completely free.

    2012/01/22 at 20:22

  3. IB entrance exam, eh?

    I went to an IB school, but I wasn’t in IB, so, I hate all the IB kids. They were all smarter than me.

    2012/01/22 at 22:38

  4. maybe you were the guy at the entrance exam whom I asked where the washroom was, but didn’t even know where the washroom in his own school was!

    also I like how the IB exam reading comprehension part:

    ‘read the following story and answer the questions.’

    story: ‘once upon a time, blah blah blah blah blah… and then he felt as though he was on fire blah blah blah blah… the end.’

    question 72: ‘what did the author mean when he wrote, ‘and then he felt a thought he was on fire’?’

    what I’m saying is, the IB program is pretty unprofessional

    2012/01/22 at 23:27

  5. Well, I never got a chance to take the IB exam, actually back in my day (Yes, I am that old), in order to enter pre-IB, you needed to write an essay(which I never got a chance to write anyway). I even knew of one person who got his older sister to write his essay for him. I think he dropped out and ended up who knows where.

    I guess IB is sort of unprofessional, but they do get a lot more work (so, in theory you make better study habits and kill your childhood to). One of my classmates was in IB, and uni-Math courses were a bit easier for him because he had learnt some of the stuff in High School.

    2012/01/23 at 02:08

  6. Eh, in order to enter pre-IB I also had to write an essay that I bs’d out in half an hour. Y’know, writing those, eh, ELEVEN THOUSAND WORD season previews really does help you write better. Except not really, because people don’t write essays with phrases like ‘write better’.

    tl;dr: wow you’re pretty old

    2012/01/23 at 03:28