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This post is going to be about… wait for it…


Y’know, before the ‘read on»’ link, I’ve never actually told you guys what the post is going to be about, so most of you guys that don’t follow anime that I’m blogging (see: Baka-Raptor) never read my anime posts, even when my anime posts aren’t actually about anime (see: every single Ben-To, Ore no Kouhai, and Majikoi post). Just to clarify, this post isn’t actually about anime. It’s about pirates.

I can finally say that I have witnessed a great blog dying.

You see, 2DT died. He wrote his last post on his blog. He hasn’t tweeted since. Actually, other people wrote his last post on his blog. But regardless, he died.

I would’ve written an O-REW on 2DT, but now that he’s gone, it seems rather pointless. My first O-REW was rather pointless. It was about an inactive site. I won’t repeat that mistake again. This is 2DT’s unofficial O-REW. Do read his blog, which I just linked for the second time in two paragraphs. Whereas mine is like a mine (see: what I did there) of coal, every post of his is a diamond. Or at least a shiny rock. Quality > quantity! But he’s dead.

And with a bang, too! Not a slow, gruelling death by inactivity, but one post, that came right from the middle of nowhere, ending his blog just like Eiji ended Crow. His blog was just THE PLACE to be for serious and intellectual discussions about, uh, anime porn. More people were talking with him than ever. One could even argue that he was one of the core pillars of the aniblog community (along with Scamp, the Nihon Review, Anime Instrumentality, and, uh… actually, there aren’t any core pillars of the aniblog community). And he’s dead.

It was a sudden decision, apparently. I was there when he tweeted this enigmatic tweet following a request for short guest posts:

Perhaps it was made on the spur of the moment. Perhaps he might return. But as my previous experience with quitting things (see: Kongregate) would tell, once you’ve set your mind on quitting something, no matter how illogical the reason, no matter how transient the decision; you just can’t go back – and even more if the thing you quit was something you liked doing. I loved playing flash games, but when I decided to quit, even if I wanted to, I just couldn’t go back. 2DT loves blogging anime, but when he decided to quit, after such a bang with his exit, even if he wanted to, how could he possibly come back?!

He can’t.

He won’t.

He’s dead.

Of course, he didn’t actually die. I wrote about this before (hurray, I’m finally at the point of my blogging career when I can actually seriously reference my previous posts). But he’s gone. But this time, for once, the community isn’t sad. They’re happy.

There are some (see: digibro) whose lives are anime. But to others (see: 2DT), anime is not a life. It’s a hobby.

And we realize that.

Because he’s moving on.

Just like this post! Because, as you can see, I tricked you. This post wasn’t actually about pirates.

But now it is! Because The Top Animes, a notoriously stupid anime pirate, is also dead. The Top Animes steals anime posts from everybody except for me, because it deems that my posts are not worthy of being stolen. You know what? Fuck you. My posts are better than the posts you write, because you write no posts. Not only are you a pirate, you’re also a liar! You said your blog was over! You said that this was the end! But you’re still pirating lying posts like the lying pirater you are. It doesn’t get much worse than th-oh never mind

Sorry guys. I guess this post was not actually about what the title said it was about. :(

P.S. For the first time in this week, I’m getting an hour with more than 10 hits! (As you can guess, this week was not a good week for me in terms of site visits. Maybe it’s because nobody reads my eleven thousand word-long season previews that were published two weeks after the season started? Nah, that can’t be it.)

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  1. 2DT

    I’ve ruined some of the pathos by tweeting since you wrote this. ;) But thank you! You’re sweet.

    2012/01/26 at 05:18

  2. awwwwwww

    2012/01/26 at 05:33

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