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Gangsta 10

So. Um. Guess what. Episode 4s of some shows are already out.

Perhaps I mentioned this before, but Gangsta gives me seriously Black Lagoon vibes. You guys all know what a lagoon vibe is, right? It’s a type of phone ringing system, kinda like setting your phone on vibrating mode, but instead, you throw it in a lagoon. Anyways, Gangsta gives me seriously black lagoon vibes because a black person just threw my phone into a lagoon. The problem is, I don’t own a phone. Y’know, it’s pretty strange, I hardly know any black people in real life, and I know like, two online. Perhaps it’s just the school that I’m at, where if you’re not Asian, you’re Jewish. Funny thing is, Israel is part of Asia.

But seriously. I mean, you have this uneasy balance between three groups in the city, the police doesn’t have any influence at all, and destroying any major group will cause chaos and destruction and BAD STUFF™. In this sort of environment, simply being physically powerful won’t lead you to success – to truly gain influence, you must be an idiot like Rock. Daniel Monroe’s just a ‘normal’, yet, not only is he widely respected by everybody in Ergastulum, he’s also widely feared by everybody in Ergastulum. Which is arguably the same thing. However, one key difference between Daniel Monroe and Rock is that Rock’s plans never work, and his plans don’t actually do anything, whereas Daniel Monroe is old and wise and old and wise, and thus influential. I mean, just look around, do you see any other old and wise and old and wise people in Ergastulum? (Hint: the answer is no.)

The Three Principles are interesting, in that, eh, they’re an exact copy of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Even though individual Koukonshu are more powerful than ‘Normals’, there are so many ‘Normals’ that they have the power to enforce laws upon Koukonshu. In fact, it seems that some ‘Normals’ actually used Koukonshu as slaves, due to their superior strength. Perhaps they have some sort of fatal weakness that was later discovered? If that was so, it doesn’t make sense that someone like Daniel Monroe wouldn’t have used that weakness to defeat Doug. Maybe Daniel Monroe (who was one of the creators of the Three Principles) trusts so much that people will uphold the Three Principles that he doesn’t even need to interfere?

It seems that Gangsta takes place after a large war, and that Koukonshu were caused by body strengthening medication used during the war. Yet, Nic is obviously too young to be fighting on the warfront when he was a child, so perhaps Nic is merely the son of some person who used body strengthening medication during the war, and inherited some genetic defect – not being able to speak / hear. Doug’s small stature is probably due to some genetic defect, too. But other than that, they obviously have some mental problems; it’ll be interesting to delve into that segment.

That’s all I have to say today. Yes, I know, after writing six hundred posts I still don’t know how to adequately end an article. Just, like, deal with it, man. Here, I’ll teach you how /not/ to answer a door:

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  1. [“black people”]

    That’s racist man!You should have been more careful and write it as “Overly coaly peeps” instead.

    2012/02/01 at 23:56

  2. I know a guy called Cole, but he’s Jewish and not black because he goes to my school, where everybody is Asian, Jewish, or not black.

    2012/02/02 at 00:12

  3. Jews are coal cuz they steal stuff. ^_^

    2012/02/02 at 12:10