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Mouretsu Pirates 4

Well. I just received a suspicious number of views in the past hour, totalling to 168 views, or approximately 84 times the average views I get per hour. 223 people have come from flare’s blog to this site in the past day. That’s approximately 6 times the average views I get per day.

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE. There’s a reason why I’m not on Anime Nano, even though 99.98% of the posts on this blog are about anime (actually, it’s about 47%), and that’s because I won’t tolerate stealing traffic from other people! If I want traffic, I’ll earn it the hard way – by writing posts, one every day, as I have written for the past two years and I will write for five more! Or probably just one more, and then I’ll get bored. I’m amazed that I’m not bored yet.

BUT WHAT I’M SAYING IS I don’t know where these people come from but THEY’RE CREEPING ME OUT. What if they’re, like, FBI agents, or giant centipede-like caterpillars, or even worse – giant caterpillar-like centipedes?! My three worst fears in the world are the dark, centipede-like caterpillars, and caterpillar-like centipedes. It’s even worse if they’re giant.

The problem with writing this post right now is that, once again, I haven’t finished the episode. I’ve started it, but halfway through, when I was taking screenshots, I realized – SPANISH SHOCK – I couldn’t take screenshots! When I pasted my printscreen onto a paint file, the window where the image was supposed to be was just completely black, but by moving that black window around the application, I could somehow make the image appear, but it became black again after saving it. In short: I couldn’t take screenshots.

Even worse – I couldn’t finish the episode! Either the file was corrupted, my computer was corrupted, your face was corrupted, or my brain was corrupted because not only did I not steal several hundred bus tickets from behind the shelves of London Drugs in broad midnight, but the episode just crapped up on me at the middle. The audio would play on, but the video was frozen.

So, now, I’m here, waiting to watch the anime, after an acknowledgement from WhyNot that it somehow got corrupted… somehow. I guess Mouretsu Pirates needs a decriminalization or something, seeing as a) pirates are criminals b) criminals are corrupted. Hahaha. Maybe the corruption was deliberate. Y’know, to stop pirating. BWAHAHAHA-I’ll stop now.

Here, I’ll admit something to you. I didn’t finish the episode when I wrote the last Mouretsu Pirates post either. In fact, it was near midnight, I couldn’t write a post the day after, and, not knowing what to do, skipped to a random part in the episode to pull out a screenshot, before crafting an elegant Kurimagane Post around the theme of ‘hey guys we’ve gone out into space, colonized star systems around the world, have super-advanced bicycles that aren’t different from bicycles in the 19th century, and yet, WE STILL HAVE POPUP ADVERTISEMENTS’.

The funny thing is, I really haven’t seen any advertisements in Mouretsu Pirates yet. It’s a strangely non-corporationalist place; you don’t see logos or branding on clothing or buildings or anything. Yet, it’s still a strictly capitalist society. Perhaps the Sea of the Morningstar is in that period of non-growth right before the Industrial Revolution? Things certainly do seem much too calm for an ‘industrialized’ planet. Of course, by the Industrial Revolution, I don’t mean the invention of the steam engine; I mean the invention of something like antimatter generation, or ansible communication. In short: Mouretsu Pirates is set in the age of the pirates, but in the future.

Mouretsu Pirates is a decent show. When I came into it, I expected sheer terribad (high school girls being pirates?), but everything’s surprisingly well-done. The art is pristine, the setting immersive, the music an absolute joy, and Marika’s personality is just awesome. By ‘awesome’, I mean ‘awe-inspiring’, and by ‘awe’, I mean ‘an overwhelming feeling of fear’, and by ‘fear’, I mean ‘something that causes feelings of dread’. Marika’s personality does indeed cause me feelings of dread in how frightfully otamot-like even strong female characters can be. Of course, by ‘strong’, I mean ‘energetic’, and by ‘energetic’ I mean ‘stupid’. Don’t ask me why energetic means stupid. Perhaps it doesn’t. But WE MAY NEVER KNOW

Everybody else is pretty cool, though. The club leader shows us that club leaders are always awesome, especially when a) they’re club leaders b) they’re awesome. The other club members can, like, pirate pilot ships and stuff, too. They’re like people in real life, people who actually do stuff with confidence and passion, not useless girls who run around groping each other for whatever strange reas-I TAKE THAT BACK MOURETSU PIRATES SUCKS

The choice of Marika as a protagonist-narrator makes sense in a book form; the events surrounding Marika are complicated and dangerous, but Marika herself is a retard. It’s an advanced literary technique to paint complicated events from the perspective of an idiot, requiring much attention to detail to persuade the reader that Marika’s perspective is the right one, and that she is not a retard, even though in the book, she actually is a retard. After all, retards never think that they’re retards, and so, people reading books from the perspective of a retard shouldn’t notice that the narrator is a retard.

But this is not a book! This is an anime! There are no narrators in anime, so it’s almost impossible to make the audience think that a retard is not retarded. Only the most skilled directors, directors that come in once in a century, would even have a chance at making this possible. There are perhaps two films in the past century that have convinced the audience that the retarded narrator was not a retard, and those were experimental, live-action films, probably made in France or Russia. Mouretsu Pirates can’t do this.

So would I, because I’m not seeing any space piracy at all. So? What’s the conclusion of this post?

Mouretsu Pirates is a pretty nice show. Everything about it is pretty decent, and the music is just sheer bliss. But Marika is so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid you don’t so stupid so stupid even know how so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid Marika so stupid so stupid so stupid so stupid is so stupid so stupid even don’t so stupid so stupid you can’t so stupid see so stupid even so stupid Marika so stupid is so stupid how can so stupid so stupid be so stupid so stupid is so stupid cannot so stupid possibly so stupid so stupid so stupid retarded so stupid or just so stupid that so stupid so stupid so stupid I’ll finish watching the show and start adding pictures now.

so stupid so stupid so stupid

P.S. Eh, I had to reinstall CCCP. It was my program that was corrupted, not the file. :|

P.P.S. Eh, it’s still broken. I had this same problem 9 months ago, but I don’t remember how I fixed it! I’ll post updates on how I’ll fix it, but for now, everything I watch is going to be upside-down, a.k.a ‘I’m not going to watch anything until I fix this problem’.

P.P.P.S. That implies that I can’t put screenshots into this post.

P.P.P.P.S. I put screenshots into this post. I think Marika’s face accurately reflects her stupidity.

9 responses

  1. Pssh, noob. You should take screen-shots using Media Player Classic or VLC. Why are you print screening?!

    Also, take all the views you can get. Hard work gets you no where in life, you need to be opportunistic, evil, cruel, and super selfish.

    tl:dr: Being corrupt is the key to success, unless of course you are a video file, but if you are a troll video file, then being corrupt is success.

    2012/02/04 at 00:29

  2. Thous, our whiz-wards yew halved. Their butt-eye Kant-creek ate scream; shoots yews. Sing empathy, bee! Cousin thee en-ditch – to mush Worch!

    2012/02/04 at 01:07

  3. Oh come one now, Marika isn’t that bad. I mean, sure she is not the greatest of female leads, but she is significantly better than average. At least she didn’t have a melodramatic breakdown over being a pirate, nor does she cry, and she actually takes action instead of waiting for others to do something.

    2012/02/04 at 01:16

  4. I am inspired by your corruption. You will reach high places in life.

    2012/02/04 at 01:17

  5. Wine, art upon sting a genome? So I’m a shoe, tapes a shinto.

    2012/02/04 at 01:43

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