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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 28


It’s finally over.

I say ‘finally’ in a lighthearted way because One Piece has been going on for 20 times that, but Harisugawa has been quite successful. I expected it to end after 13 chapters, I wanted it to end after 13 chapters, but it still didn’t end and kept on going until it was finally cut this week or the next. That’s eight or nine chapters more than that horrible manga SWOT, and twelve chapters more than Light Wing! Which is pretty good.

In fact, because the previous chapters were so focused, so streamlined, and so concise in eliminating most stupid unnecessary events, I start to question whether Harisugawa truly got cancelled. I hear news of it rocketing near the tops of the recent Jump rankings. Then again, there was a sudden change in pace around chapter 24; probably caused by the author’s being notified of his upcoming cancellation. Jump should cancel more manga. It’ll make the manga better.

Other than that, I really have nothing to say! That was a nice manga. A bit on the long side, though. Everybody who says that ‘it was too short’ should just go drown themselves in a well off the coast of Finland. Yes, I’m talking about you, MAL Forums posters. Go. Drown. Well. NOBODY CAN HAVE AN OPINION THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM MINE

Oh, right. Those who said it was ‘exactly the right length’ can go drown themselves too. This manga was too long. I’m not an extremist! It’s just that honestly, 13 chapters already takes like two hours to read through! How long do you think [insert classic short novel here] took to read? That’s right, less than two hours! The problem is, since so many people think differently than me (read: since I’m apparently a radical or something), that well will probably become overcrowded. We wouldn’t want indecent living conditions in any well off the coast of any country, nope!

The story was good, though. It was a story about Harisugawa gaining courage and becoming a new person who was still the same person as before. Tell me a manga where the main character actually changes, where the main character actually grows as a character. Not even Luffy has changed perceptibly in One Piece, after 600 chapters. But Harisugawa has, and Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa was ultimately, a good manga™.

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