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Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 2

Then MAKE IT DOUBLE, cause it’s time for MORE SORAMIMI! The funny thing is, these lyrics (thanks, Atashi!) AREN’T MISHEARD, because they’re IN JAPANESE! Thankfully, we’ve provided a timely (read: late) English translation for all you Australians out there seeking to drink a sip of a pint of beer or cheer or fuck this let’s go


(TL Note: ‘BURAKKU★ROKKU SHUUTAA (TV) EPISOODO NI DA, DOKO E ITTA NO? KIKOEMASU KA?’ means ‘I didn’t finish writing this Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Episode Two post… yet’ in English.)

(Post-Post Edit: Now I realize why this post was late. The episode wasn’t subbed when I published it. I hope you’ll forgive me. Without further ado, I present to you: this post.)

ato dore dake sakeba ii no darou
(Sometimes Daru from Steins;Gate drinks sake.)

ato dore dake nakeba ii no darou
(Sometimes Daru from Steins;Gate is naked.)

mou yamete! watashi wa mou hashirenai
(Just stop it! I want to un-see what just happened. [Breaking the fourth wall, I guess. Japanese people, you never can understand just how they think.])

itsuka yumemita sekai ga tojiru
(In my dreams the world throws macaroons at me.)

makkura de akari mo nai kuzurekaketa kono michi de
(Because of this I can’t stop throwing shoes at my little brother.)

aru hazu mo nai ano toki no kibou ga mieta ki ga shita
(People sometimes throw macaroni at me and I see that it’s delicious and eat much of it so that I get really full and have to poop.)

(I am in the process of relieving myself in an excrement disposal facility.)

BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA natsukashii kioku
(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER I remember the dream I had last night.)

tada tanoshikatta ano koro o
(In my dream I was a cool girl who wears an emo hoodie and stares at people menacingly expressionlessly. [I know, ‘menacingly expressionlessly’ is impossible to parse, but I’m just the translator.])

BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA demo ugokenai yo
(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER but some lame scorpion thing tried to cut me open.)

yami o kakeru hoshi ni negai o
(Unfortunately the blackness of my starry skin made the scorpion unable to cut through SOLID STEEL. Besides my chest was too flat for their to be any damage anyways. I don’t know why I have such a flat chest in my dream.)

mou ichido dake hashiru kara.
(Once again, I woke up and wondered what was wrong with my unconscious.)

kowakute furueru koe de tsubuyaku
(My friend is in a wheelchair because she is sadomasochistic.)

watashi no namae o yonde
(My name is Yonde. [Starting to get delusional here, there’s no Yonde in Black★Rock Shooter (TV).])

yoake o idaku sora kyoukaisen
(I look at the sky and see that Horizon was an awesome anime.)

made no kyori ato mou ippo todokanai
(But unfortunately, if my life were an anime, it would be too lame.)

koraeta namida ga afuresou nano
(My blog’s name is not on Anime Nano.)

ima shita o mukanaide tomatte shimau
(Now, it is time to cook the tomatoes. [Remember, ‘Tomato’ is a euphemism for ‘Kuroi Mato’.])

mirai o ikite itain da, wakatta no
(The future was painful. I understood why – because I’m a time traveller.)

omoidashite tsuyoku, tsuyoku, shinjiru no…
(I feel painful, painful, really painful…)

(Like soybeans being squeezed into soya sauce. [As you can see, Japanese is an extremely compact language.])

(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER, it’s easy to dodge bullets.)

itai yo, tsurai yo, nomikomu kotoba
(But it hurts. [Never mind about my previous comment. Japanese is weird like that.])

BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA ugoite kono ashi!
(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER hire better voice actresses! [TL Note: ‘ashi’ means ‘voice actress’ in Japanese.])

sekai o koete
(The world is listening.)

saisho kara wakatte ita, koko ni iru koto o
(From the start I knew that this was going to suck.)

watashi no naka no, subete no yuuki ga
(I told you so, I totally warned you dog.)

hi wo tomoshite
(I get high from smoking tomatoes. [On a related note, anybody who would smoke tomatoes is probably already high.])

mou nigenai yo
(That’s enough Nigerians.)

BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA hitori ja nai yo
(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER you’re not a small bird.)

koe wo agete naitatte kamawanai
(You’re a Freudian construct of a small girl’s twisted imagination.)

(BLACK ROCK SHOOTER look at this horrible show.)

ima kara hajimaru no, watashi no monogatari
(Now it finally starts, my disco boogie [as you’ll remember, ‘nogatari’ in Japanese means ‘disco boogie’.])

wasuresou ni nattara, kono uta wo
(If you ever forget, listen to this song.)

utau no.
(Song? Nope.)


“Black★Rock Shooter (TV) DOES SUCK!”

P.S. I still don’t know from whose perspective Black★Rock Shooter is sung… from Tomato’s? From Black★Rock Shooter’s? From Miku’s? NOBODY SHALL EVER KNOW.

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  1. Look at her slutty dress!This my friend is a bad influence,both for boys and girls over the world.[Men and women]DKK

    And of course,by being alone and single in the video,BRS provokes the viewers to become asocial shut-ins,living under the illusion that the world revolves around them.

    This song…look at how awful it is!A song about feeling,emotions and shit!This is why our human society todays is miserable-Because songs like this are ruining it!Why aren’t there any songs about work…or studying?I’ll tell you why!Because songs like this are preventing people from even recognising to which gender do they belong!

    Look at how beautifully BRS has been drawn!WHO THE HELL DRAWS IN SUCH WAY!They should have drawn her badly,so the nerdy fans won’t get attached to her,abandoning their real friends and life in the process.

    2012/02/09 at 23:11

  2. I know! It’s like, promoting girls to not have breasts or something! How atrocious!

    [Disclaimer: the comments, opinions, and viewpoints presented in this comment is not the official stance of O-New nor any of its corresponding authors (Mushyrulez, houraiguy, and… oh, right, nobody else). O-New is not liable for any offensive offences this offending offensive offence can I’m too lazy to write a coherent comment, bye


    2012/02/10 at 01:56

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