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Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 6

Sure is potatoes around here! Why don’t you check out the previous post and then come back later? We’ll be waiting. Or, uh, rather, I guess you’ll be waiting. I’m not good at this whole logic thing.

But now we’re back, with more Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion goodness. Yes, that was supposed to be ironic. I’m also a master at irony.

WOAH, the ROUNDERS ARE HERE. Maybe I should’ve put that into <spoiler> tags (protip: we don’t have any here), but, as everybody knows, nobody’s actually reading this manga, and even less people are going to read this post. The probability of a person reading this post who’s actually read this manga is considerably less than 1, and the probability of a blogger blogging this blog who’s actually blogged this blog is considerably less than I. /emperorj

The Rounders want world peace, right? So they wouldn’t harm innocent civilians (whereas Valkyrie may inadvertently do so). I really hope this MOE MEGANE character gets more development than Ruka does, which might not happen, even though Ruka got absolutely no development whatsoever. Imagine a Steins;Gate spinoff manga based around the daily life of Ruka – standing around, sweeping the ground of a shrine that nobody goes to all day, er’ry day, for the rest of his/her life. What a joy it would be to read.

Perhaps an explanation for why the Rounders haven’t already killed Suzuha is that they were afraid of changing the past, in case they make the Future Gadgets Lab unable to create a working time machine, thus not allowing them to go into the past in the first place. That would make some sense – too bad this chapter stripped that entire theory apart, seeing as the MOE MEGANE character just went back into the past. Then again, perhaps Suzuha’s a greater threat to SERN’s survival than is a possible paradox.

Oh right, I forgot – there can’t be any paradoxes in Steins;Gate, since NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Paradoxes only arise when everything makes sense; then, the paradox is the one thing that may not make sense. However, if nothing makes sense, then everything’s a paradox – a paradox in and of itself. I’m TRYING TO SOUND SMART HERE. Don’t be such a PARTY POOPER. ‘Pooper’s not even a word. If I could host a spelling bee, I’d tell everybody to spell ‘pooper’, before disqualifying them all, as pooper’s not a word.

tl;dr: I’m PURPOSEFULLY making my posts SHORTER… on PURPOSE! Don’t you go spoiling that now son

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