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Mouretsu Pirates 6

This was going to be my 666th post and then I reconsidered. Sure is beets, potatoes around here! So, instead, all you’ll get is a screencap collection of scenery and people’s FACES. No captions, no text – just pictures. See, I can even spin a post that was posted half a month behind schedule without content due to laziness into a post into an artistic form of posting without words. tl;dr: god, I’m lazy

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ve got two SCHEDULED filler posts coming up! It’s that ‘no-actual-post-for-half-a-week’ time of the year again, eh…

3 responses

  1. I bet you have scheduled date for tomorrow as well… <_< Come on,what's her name?

    2012/02/13 at 23:32

  2. Only now do I realize that pun SUCKS MAN WHAT A HORRIBAD PUN

    2012/02/14 at 06:58

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