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O-New is Recruiting New Bloggers

Post-Post Edit: Entries are closed for now; I just realized that managing so many bloggers when you have such a shitty DESIGN will make all of your bloggers WHINE. Whatever, it’s not like I’m a good manager or anything =3=

The title’s self-explanatory. If you need me to explain the title, there’s something wrong with your head.

I’m sticky-ing this post as a reference post. If you’re a regular to O-New (yeah right!), and you’re just thinking to yourself (yeah right!), “Man, I’d really love to read more articles on O-New (yeah right!), but Mushy only posts one article a day (this is true)!” Worry not, because I’ve posted a plethora of unfinished posts over the past week, and here’s the post where I add links to them after they’re finished.

Stay tuned~!

February 9th: Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 2 (a post with my AUSTRALIAN translation of BURAKKU★ROKKU SHUUTAA, which may or may not be completely accurate, seeing as I’m not Australian);

February 12th: Steins;Gate: Boukan no Rebellion 6 (a post about PARADOXES and how there CAN’T BE paradoxes in Steins;Gate because NOTHING MAKES SENSE and SENSE MAKES NOTHING);

24 responses

  1. Good luck with the process!…

    …although it was pretty troll of me to just comment like this ;)

    2012/02/18 at 20:47

  2. Hope you find some writers man!

    2012/02/18 at 22:04

  3. Dammit!There are a lot of people who wants the position…Mushy will never choose me. ;_;

    2012/02/18 at 23:39

  4. I choose you! Flare… chu?

    But lol seriously? If you do this, your wife will be ruined

    2012/02/19 at 00:22

  5. Thanks! This is the most comments I’ve had within three hours of publishing a single post since… ever.

    2012/02/19 at 00:23

  6. I don’t understand what you mean! I guess I should just…

    …troll with the flow.

    2012/02/19 at 00:24

  7. No it won’t!It is going to be great!

    2012/02/19 at 00:56

  8. OK! You’re hired! Now write a post.

    2012/02/19 at 01:02

  9. How?

    2012/02/19 at 01:08

  10. Here, I’ll invite you to the blog. Send me an email with a post and I’ll publish it within the next one hundred years.

    2012/02/19 at 01:14

  11. derp

    2012/02/19 at 12:30

  12. herp

    2012/02/19 at 17:20

  13. Noc

    Well, I would offer my services, but I’m…you know…lazy. And, uh, busy. >.>

    2012/02/19 at 20:18

  14. Feel free to write a guest post whenever you want, though. That also applies to everybody who reads this blog, lol :v

    2012/02/20 at 01:25

  15. Actually I was thinking of joining your blog a few months back. Guess I forgot about it..

    The stuff I write about would probably be mainly manga one shots. I’d only write sporadically though.

    2012/02/20 at 06:37


    But I’ll invite you if you really want, lol.

    2012/02/20 at 07:03

  17. Good Luck finding slaves, err, I mean bloggers.

    Seriously speaking though, maybe you should slow down? 1 Post a day is kind of crazy. It’s hard enough for me to do 1 per week (I often fail at this most simple of tasks), once per day is insane. Well, if you can pull it of, then all the more power to you.

    2012/02/20 at 07:12

  18. Oh, and there was once a time when I wanted to be part of a team blog, but that was a long time ago. I now realize that I am the wrong type of person for a team blog. I fly solo~like Han Solo without Luke, Leia and Chewbacca.

    But, if you ever need input on a random post (you know how PRO-BLOGGERS have those posts where they ARE LIKE “OH MY GOD, HERE IS THE OPINION FROM THE GREAT BLOGGER [NAME]”), or one of those guests posts, where they are all “OH MY GOSH, I TOOK THIS NOBODY AND GAVE HIM A CHANCE TO WRITE ON MY SUPER POPULAR BLOG”? Yeah, if you are ever in that situation, let me know, and if I have time, and feel like it, I shall lend my useless services and write a paragraph or two that consist of only the word “paragraph” repeated a hundred times or so.

    2012/02/20 at 07:21

  19. yeah, do it after i make my new wordpress account. ill tell you when i make it

    2012/02/20 at 07:31

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  21. TWO YEARS jesus CHRIS I’ve done this for TWO YEARS I can continue to do this for ONE MORE YEAR and then I’ll DIE of DEATH

    p.s. as HOURAIGUY, the only other TEAMMATE on this TEAM blog has said, ‘O-New is a very unteamlike blog’, or something like that. ANYWAYS what I mean to say is O-NEW’s NOT actually a TEAM blog, it’s just a BLOG where MULTIPLE PEOPLE POST. I fully expect HALF of the people I RECRUIT this year to DROP OUT within the first TWO MONTHS.

    p.p.s. what I mean to SAY is that you should JOIN O-New ANYWAYS, especially if you have some post that you want to POST on TOXIC MUFFIN but… uh, well I guess you can POST any post you WANT on toxic MUFFIN but whatever

    p.p.p.s. my CAPS lock key is just CRAZY what IS going ON?

    2012/02/21 at 00:46

  22. Who’s this guy, Mr. :smug:? http://kei.iichan.net/b/res/257856.html

    2012/02/21 at 00:53

  23. Some guy named Kyonshii stole my trademark.

    2012/02/21 at 06:31

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