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You see a pretentious guy. You want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.

Hey, everybody. This is your desperate despotic director, Mushyrulez, dictating.

Thank you, everyone, for your INTENSE cooperation in not killing me for spamming these recruiting posts around twitter ten times a day for ten days. I didn’t know that this many people actually read my blog. I suppose ‘my blog’ doesn’t work anymore, since now, we’ve grown to a BIG BLOG of one full-time blogger and three bloggers-who-will-probably-not-post-more-than-a-post-a-fortnight. So, I’m really thankful to all you readers of O-NEW (which is STILL NOT AN ANIME BLOG jeez gosh) for your NON-NEGATIVE reaction to these posts.

tl;dr: let’s let a pretentious guy make his first post. I want to PUNCH HIM ON THE FACE.


Who is this guy?

The guy thinks it’s better if he talks in first person. Fine, since he loves the sound of his voice so much.


I’m AbsoluteZero255. Eh… I guess that I’m not as famous as my friend the regent fungus, but well whatever.

I guess what my work has been over the past…4 years? wow it’s been that long… has been Mario Paint Composer stuff.

What’s that, you ask? You should click this link to my channel, except don’t watch any vids before 2010 because they suck
Actually don’t watch any vids before 2011 because these suck

Rather than the sites that YOU COOL HIPSTERS are active on, I’m mainly active in some random skype chats full of Mario Paint people and occasionally the Mario Paint Hangout, which I won’t necessarily link (it’s actually okay for a ProBoards site).

So why am I blogging here? Because Mr. Rulez, which is an odd FOREIGN SPELLING of the UNCOMMON SURNAME Rules, is a really cool guy.

I expect to stay here for as long as I can, probably for about 57 years or something. The post I have planned right now is one about P4 the Animation, but that’s a long way away.

I also happen to read Homestuck, but I’m not sure if I would post about the updates because it’d require seventeen years of explanation, and 17/57 is a pretty sizable percentage.

I might do some LET’S PLAYS sometime once I’m settled enough to get stuff recorded, because I happen to have a REALLY GOOD QUALITY MICROPHONE.

Man, he rambled on too much. You only just prevented yourself from punching him ON THE FACE.

Look at how many of his paragraphs he began with “I”. Isn’t that the sign of someone incredibly selfish? I bet he’s a COMMUNIST LIBERTARIAN TOO.

You try to speak with him for a bit, but he just rambles on like this is some kind of introduction or something. Does this look like an introduction to you? There you are, taking a walk down a street, and suddenly this guy that you want to punch on the face rambles on about himself.

You were walking because you needed to relieve yourself from the very incredulous argument that you had with your irritable younger family member. You’re not even sure what kind of family member s/he was. Fuck, you didn’t even know its gender.

You wonder if that guy will ever come to his senses.

Gah, it looks like he wants to speak again. Fuck.

Just before I leave for just a little while in the ABYSS OF ENDLESS CRAP, I’m going to say now that it’s a PALINDROME date. I don’t know why these dates are special at all, other than they may have interesting mathematical qualities, but whatever. Mr. Rulez just told me to write that this is a palindrome date, 21/02/2012. Man, I don’t really understand why I need to do this. God damn.

Cue referential word length time gahhh.

5 responses

  1. Last time I talked about Palindromes and Dates, Mr. Rulez ate me alive. I am still waiting for him to poop out my left arm.

    Hopefully, you will be pretentious enough so that the rest of pretentious people will not be punched in the face as Mr.Rules will be too busy punching you.

    tl:dr: Good Luck, don’t die, and continue to entertain.

    2012/02/21 at 23:45

  2. y’know if I pooped out your left arm that’d count as you fisting me


    2012/02/22 at 01:52

  3. Ack, I have to bear the brunt of having my face broken.

    2012/02/22 at 02:53

  4. breaking MY face you mean >:|

    2012/02/22 at 04:10

  5. dear god I’m sorry

    2012/02/22 at 06:04