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Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 4

GOD my FUCKING GOD fuck YOU ALL OF YOU my GOD just FUCK FUCK FUCK. If you want to FUCKING SKIP these FUCKING EXPLETIVES you better SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE where I will SUMMARIZE everything that I will SWEAR this episode

Remember my FUCKING LAST POST?! Well, guess what just HAPPENED to FUCK? You see, I, being a significant, important, and influential personage of the anime industry, had received exclusive access to the pre-air of the next episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – episode three – four days before it aired to the general public. BUT FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, my EXCLUSIVE ACCESS had been STRANGELY REMOVED!!! This is a SEVERE ATROCITY and I demand to RECTIFY this situation IMMEDIATELY by writing on a BLOG that NOBODY READS about the next episode of Black★Rock Shooter (TV) – episode four – two days after it aired to the general public, because by doing this, I will most definitely recover my EXLUSIVELY REVOKED access to the pre-air of Black Rock whatEVER just like my face is like THIS. Madoka. Just…. just… stop it. Here, Madoka can act like this (warning: danbo) for all I care. Because HERE IS MY FACE. Currently.

ARGH. I’ve had ENOUGH of this SILLY LOG. *kicks tree away with sharp part of foot*

Anyways, hmm. Bamboo’s sudden transition from psychotic girl to pseudo-friendly girl (replete with Flan’s hairstyle) was, well, sudden. At least they didn’t drag it on too long; there’s no need to cover everything between Bamboo’s recovery and her enrolling in school. That’s what the break between episodes is for, after all – to break up the story.

Now that Bamboo’s mental insecurities are… ‘gone’, I suppose the show has to focus on Shark now. I predict that an episode later, Shark’ll be ‘cured’, and then the episode will focus on You, and finally the redhead, before revealing that all along, EVERYBODY was sane… except for TOMATO, who is the FINAL EVIL PSYCHOTIC BOSS – either that, or everything was just a delusion.

“I mean, come on; why is there so much drama in this show? Bamboo was JUST going around, shouting at people and being insane ONE EPISODE AGO, and there’s not even a BREAK between the Bamboo drama of last episode and the sudden, out-of-nowhere Shark drama of this episode,” would be something you’d expect me to say, given my recent track record of hating Black★Rock Shooter (TV). But y’know what? Fuck Black★Rock Shooter (TV). We’re looking at Black★Rock Shooter (TV) wrong. By Madoka I hate typing that ★ every single fucking time today is NOT A GOOD DAY because it is SNOWING. what the well

Really. Black★Rock Shooter (TV) isn’t about the fights. It’s about the drama. If anything, Black★Rock Shooter (TV) needs MORE drama.

“Woah, what?!” you must be thinking now, “What a fucking retarded fucking fuckass bitch! Fucking who fuck wants fucking more fuckdrama fucking fuckers?! Fuck!!”

Well, I must advise you to revise your language; je n’accepte que les réponses en français. A possible revision would be:

“Woah, quoi?! Qu’est-ce qu’un putain de salope retardé fuckass putain! Enfoncer qui baise veut baiser fuckers fuckdrama plus putain?! Fuck!!”, which Google Translate has so eloquently translated to, “Woah, what?! What a fucking bitch fucking retarded fuckass! Fucking who wants to fuck fuck fuck fuckers fuckdrama more?! Fuck!”

Anyways, incoherent expletives aside, yes. Black★Rock Shooter (TV) should just cut out all the meta-fights. Think about it – who watches Black★Rock Shooter (TV) right now?

  1. People who like meta-fights.
  2. People who like dramatic girls.
  3. People who like derpy animation.
  4. People who have no lives and whittle their time away writing posts on a blog nobody reads.

The people who like meta-fights are turned off by the drama; the people who like drama are turned off by the meta-fights; the people who like derpy animation are turned off by the meta-fights (which aren’t as derpy as the drama); and the people who have no lives still have no lives.

By removing the meta-fights, the people who like meta-fights will all stop watching. The people who like dramatic girls will be happier because there’ll be more time for dramatic girls, and the people who like derpy animation will be happier because there’ll be more time for derpy animation. The people who have no lives still have no lives.

Since 90% of the people who watch Black★Rock Shooter (TV) watch it only for the meta-fights, and 90% of those people absolutely detest Black★Rock Shooter (TV), by eliminating the meta-fights, all those viewers go away, and along with them, their negative criticisms. And yes, there are actually people who like the drama – after all, when you push something TO THE MAX, it just HAS to be ~awesome~. Not saying that the drama was ~awesome~ or anything, but the FACES this episode, wow. Somebody took a lesson from Hyouge Mono.

tl;dr: I will now plant my face into this piece of bread

Still… these girls might just be a bit too dramatic. This is true melodrama; things like AnoHana might actually happen (since romance is a touchy subject), but do high school girls just cry all the time like this (maybe middle school KIDS do, but as Jinx has pointed out, that’s hardly entertainment)? Do people change from being psychotic disabled sadists to being a nice, ordinary girl in the course of ONE episode?

I’d like to see guy drama for once. Tiger & Bunny had nice (albeit contrived) drama. Their drama made more sense, seeing as, y’know, Barnaby thought Kotetsu KILLED HIS AUNT. That’s a lot more dramatic than being ignored by a person you’ve met a month ago.

Non-anime-wise, I don’t think there’s much drama in real life at all. Maybe that’s why they create melodramatic shows – to put that necessary drama into our lives so that we can feel dramatic even though drama never actually happens. The only DORAMA I ever have in my life is getting that houraiguyguyguy guy to post, which he still hasn’t >:|

Now THAT’S drama.

Nevertheless, I admire Black★Rock Shooter (TV)’s singular drive to get drama, and melo- it up TO THE MAX. Perhaps by melo–ing it up TO THE MAX, BRS can actually make middle school CHILDREN’s drama somewhat interesting. Let’s summarize this post since it’s getting long:

  1. After such a negative reaction from /a/, I’ve decided not to abuse my EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to pre-airs of anime episodes anymore;
  2. Bamboo’s transition from psycho to cool girl was very fast, but that’s good, as it keeps the drama going without pause;
  3. Black★Rock Shooter (TV) should only focus on the melodrama and just eliminate the meta-fight scenes;
  4. Melodrama is good because we don’t have enough of it in real life;
  5. ‘Meta-fight’ doesn’t even make sense.
  6. I’m a fucking hypocrite.

Y’know, maybe Bamboo’s transition really was too fast. It took me until I read, and didn’t recognize the pictures in the Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 3 post on Sea Slugs that I realized…





tl;dr: boys’ll be boys

P.S. I remember Yuru Yuri had like, NO BOYS. I was going to create screenshots of all the boys in Black★Rock Shooter (TV) before I realized that they’re not in an all-girl’s school, and that unnamed boy just got REJECTED. ;____; saddest moment of this show, redheads are evil

P.P.S. Wow, I’m actually one of the first to post about this episode, wow, this never happens, wow

8 responses

  1. I LOL’d so damn hard!

    Why haven’t I seen this blog until now?! And we are even on the same blog engine!

    Oh lawd!

    Bamboo? Tomato? Shark?!! …What?

    New nicknames I didn’t know about?! This won’t do. I guess I should have started with episode one but alas, my love for Dead Master brought me right here damn it all!

    I for one don’t understand this dislike of the TV. What were they expecting? I don’t get it. But I know my taste in anime sucks, apparently, since I don’t like what is considered good anime (a la Stein, Nise/Mono, etc)

    But I regret nothing. Black Rock Shooter feeds my soul just fine and I love it!

    Going back to the point, I think some else was cured of Bamboo-chan but not her crazy. Most definitely not her crazy. She still has it even though it’s less deadly now and the mates apparently find it kawaii! And they sure made big deal with Yomi, sorry, Shark (I love that nick BTW) and I will be very cross when it is gotten rid of in just less than an episode! Very cross indeed!

    And about that:

    3. Black★Rock Shooter (TV) should only focus on the melodrama and just eliminate the meta-fight scenes;

    Oh God NO! Very NO! This would be very pointless. How are the girls supposed to get rid of their melos without beating the shit out of each other? And i don’t wanna see hair pulling and crying in a corner for the whole series, I wanna see drilling, chopping, grinding and silent screams for fuks sake! And on the other hand, meta fights without jellying would be shit!

    So very NO!

    Also boys should have been kept away! trouble I say, trouble!

    2012/02/26 at 00:53

  2. Who even like ARE you? I must’ve heard you from somewhere but I can’t put my nose on the jelly…

    Anyways, I explained these nicknames a while ago; last post, I believe. I just CAN’T BELIEVE nobody’s adopted these OBVIOUS nicknames yet. :(

    tl;dr: you disagree with me on every aspect BUT I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOUR DISAGREEMENTS. I don’t even KNOW how that works but :(

    2012/02/26 at 01:14

  3. You probably know me from Sekijitsu, I followed you from there ^^

    Yeah, I am going through your pas posts now. But they are hard to grasp >.< I have to stop and think on every other sentence.

    But then I break out laughing

    2012/02/26 at 01:27

  4. Burakku Sutarsu evurivuree!

    2012/02/26 at 10:00




    2012/02/26 at 18:34

  6. evil

    2012/02/26 at 18:35

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