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ST&RS 21

Man, so I just spent the past six hours running through all the manga that I DIDN’T READ since I haven’t read manga for like, eight weeks. Why does EVERY MANGA have to end on a cliffhanger this week?! Reborn’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, One Piece’s cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is happening’, Beelzebub’s non-cliffhanger of nothing happening, Kaminomi’s actual cliffhanger of ‘what the hell is Keima going to do’, Bakuman’s actual actual cliffhanger of ‘how the heck is this manga not going to end with Mashiro and Takagi tearfully resigning from their jobs due to fan rage, hate, and attempted murder attempts’, and of course, Bleach’s non-cliffhanger of, ‘Wait, THIS IS BLEACH’S FUCKING FINAL ARC FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!’ Goddammit Bleach, Bleach should’ve ended like, ten thousand chapters ago.

I didn’t even start TOUCHING children because I’m not a lolicon, and I didn’t even start TOUCHING the non-Jump manga yet because there’s SO MUCH MANGA that I haven’t read, and besides, I’d better finish reading these Jump manga before Red Hawk Scanlations pulls off all its manga becomes of DMCA compla-whoops, they’ve already done that.

Anyways-!! Expecting a ST&RS 21 post? Well, YOU’VE GOT IT! Have fun, do whatever you want with it, I have no more fucks to give out, and even if I had I’m not that nice of a guy to give out things for free.

ああああ~ I’d like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair but I can’t because 1) I cut my hair 2) I can’t sleep 3) I wouldn’t like so much to stay at home and sleep and put あs in my hair.

Mural of the story: paint

I don’t feel like actually writing about ST&RS. Instead, I’ll write about how I haven’t posted a ST&RS update for over a month, about how there hasn’t been a new ST&RS update for over two weeks, and how this SIEGMUND BAUMGARTEN chap is awfully moé. Talk about deceiving appearances, SIEGMUND BAUMGARTEN should be the star of his own little drama CD.

I think ST&RS should just go all-out now. Screw development! Screw tension! Show that the alien’s actually big, giant, and evil, and then throw nukes at him! Reveal that the Earth is actually just one big pinball and throw the moon into Mars! Explode the Sun to reveal that Jupiter’s the /real/ Sun, and that the previous Sun was all fake after all! Have Mars be sentient, and EAT that tornado and collapse that Jenga tower, much to the chagrin of the Hisoutensoku building it!

JUST DON’T END AT A GIANT CLIFFHANGER FOR TWO WEEKS WITHOUT UPDATES. This is the STUPIDEST thing since Hand x Red, which ended at the final battle of the series. Voluntarily. It didn’t even get cut! Whereas ST&RS has probably already gotten cut. Unfortunately, I’m not a manga blogger, so I wouldn’t know :v

I’m NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU! Let’s proceed to the non-ST&RS part of this post, now.

Do you know what Ctrl+K does?

Neither did I. Try it now. Does something happen?

If nothing happens you’re probably not on chrome. Get chrome and then try again.

It puts a question mark (this is a question mark: ?. No, not the ‘:’, the ‘.’, nor the ””s, but the ‘?’. Not all four characters, ‘?’., but just ?) on the location bar of chrome, which is apparently now called the ‘omnibox’. That sounds quite OMNIpotent and OMINous, but anyways, when you put a question mark in front of something on the chrome omnibox, it automatically searches for that thing on Google.

This is similar to what it normally does, but you can also search for a URL on Google. For example, try putting ‘?https://onewdesign.wordpress.com/’ (without the quotes) in the omnibox. It searches for https://onewdesign.wordpress.com/ on Google – whereas, without the question mark, it’d just automatically go to https://onewdesign.wordpress.com/. Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, I guess it isn’t. I only found this when I accidentally typed Ctrl + K instead of Ctrl + V because I didn’t know that I was on a Dvorak keyboard layout.

Bonus Factoids:

  • Alt + D lets you type things in the Location Bar!
  • F6 lets you type things in the Location Bar!
  • Ctrl + L lets you type things in the Location Bar!
  • Alt + F4 lets you do something! Wait, I’ll test what it d

P.S. I really think Red Hawks is just inviting trouble. At least be a bit more subtle with your actions, all you’re doing is souring publisher-scanlator tensions even m-OH RIGHT, THE PUBLISHERS DON’T GIVE ANY FUCKS, SEEING AS THEY’RE TOO BUSY ROLLING AROUND IN MONEY STOLEN FROM MANGAKAS TO GET ANY FUCKS IN THE FIRST PLACE

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