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Steins;Gate: Oukoubakko no Poriomania [Completed]

So, as my first actual post as a guest poster, I’m going to write about a particular episode of Steins;Gate that not too many people would care about. Why? Because it’s a test to see if I can write about anything decently, as I don’t know if I can.

I’m actually almost certain that I’m a guest poster here for the sole purpose of Mushy DISMANTLING MY POST AND CRUSHING MY DREAMS WHILST PUBLICLY HUMILIATING ME EVERY TIME I WRITE A SINGLE WORD, but w/e.

The gist of this episode

I lied, the actual gist of this episode

What I’m going to say right off the bat is that I found this kinda okay. Of course as it’s not meant to be stressful and exciting it’s not going to be the same as the rest of Steins;Gate, so it’s not completely magnificent. But at the same time the execution of the various humour and epilogue-type-things aren’t executed half-bad either.

As someone who doesn’t watch THE ANIMES as often as others I may be reiterating some commonly known things about THE ANIMES in the following sentences. The purpose of this OVA was just to make the viewers of Steins;Gate feel good and clear up some things about the story. What if Rintarou and Kurisu got run over by an out-of-control drunk vehicle at the end of 24? That would have been bad.

At the end of Steins;Gate many things were still left unclear, like if all the characters other than Rintarou would be completely oblivious and would have no idea what the fuck he’d be talking about when he tries to tell them about the other world lines. It’s a good thing that nobody has any idea what the fuck he’s talking about, ever, though. This episode confirms that everything is as it once was, and Kurisu retained memories of the previous world lines, through her dreams.

About those dreams, I still don’t understand how this weird time shit works. But oh well, at least the couple is STILL CANON, AND THAT’S WHAT WE WANT. Also I never found the tsundere funny. I’m sorry.

…The other thing I’d like to say about this is what the fuck, Rintarou? I know he likes to draw out jokes until they’re beaten to the ground, but here it gets him close to serious trouble. This is a bit too far, even for comic relief!

One last side remark in this very unorganized stupid post: I liked how Suzuha’s mother gets a bit of a cameo appearance. But wow, if she’s going to run across Daru again then it’s a very small world. But well, it’s destined to happen anyway because of the weird time shit.

To conclude: this is okay but not that great and I don’t actually recommend watching it ;m;

P.S. if this was absolutely horrible please leave constructive criticism!

2 responses

  1. I loved this episode. The TV series had enough of the serious plot, so, it was great to just see the characters doing fun stuff together. Also, Okarin x Kurisu dawwness! I wish they had actually shown the kiss though. Oh and you are silly, really silly for not liking the TSUNDERE! You, silly, silly person!

    2012/02/27 at 18:34

  2. I didn’t even WATCH this show and I’m making someone post this

    I am the BEST blogger manager since NICK DENTON

    p.s. you should die for being un-silly

    2012/02/27 at 20:07