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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa 29 [Completed]

Anyways, before we move on to the actual post, let’s talk about Google while you wait for me to post this. I lost access to my Gmail account because it was accessed ‘from a suspicious location’. I think that was me testing out Tor to see if it worked, but now, I have NO WAY of verifying that it’s my account!!! Seeing as a) I don’t have a mobile phone and b) Even if I did, I didn’t fill out the mobile phone number thing (seeing as I, well, don’t have one). Back in the good ol’ days, they’d just call your landline. Hahaha, I guess I didn’t fill out that field either.

I understand that calling by phone is more secure than sending a password to an email, but… this is just bringing my Internet and real lives together TOO CLOSE. I need like, some PRIVACY here. What with the fiasco over Google+’s use of real names and the non-fiasco of recording the entire WORLD in Google Maps, I fear that Google may soon be going too far – restricting the greatest tenet of the Internet itself, anonymity.

Fuck, my brother’s going to work for Google in two months. brb kicking him

(Meanwhile, english teacher:

“hmmm lets go on my students blog”

“wow very nice content, twelve-thousand word posts”

“…about foreign cartoons”)

Before we continue moving on to the actual post, let me teach you how REAL advertising is done.

See that? Now, people are enticed to buy the first volume of Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa to find out more about the life if Jun Tamadukuri, the Number 1 Degenerate who peeped at Saki in the bath, as well as possibly to find out more about the Number 2 and Number 3 Degenerates. BAM! Marketing right there. Wait till the money flows in.

NOW. Moving on.

It’s the end.

No more blogging of Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa for me.

BUT THANKFULLY, WE HAVE MORE! Turns out that Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku wasn’t finished (IGNORE THAT [COMPLETED] TAG), so I’ll be covering that next, seeing as its awesomeness rating is, like, over thirty. Over thirty thousand. Unfortunately, if I continue with my current track record of only blogging ending manga, Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku will undoubtedly end, and that’ll be horrible… maybe I should blog Bleach instead, seeing as they’re finally in their final arc.

ANYWAYS (meanwhile, in English-teacher-land, my English teacher dies), it is finally time to conclude this post, and along with it, Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa. Really, all of my feelings on this topic can be found summarized neatly in my post on chapter 27. I really have nothing more to say. And I really doubt there is any more to say.

Wait, yes, there is.


…well, I broke that sentence off too early.

THIS ENDING CHAPTER WAS THE MOST HIPSTER ENDING OF ALL TIME. Sure, there was fanservice all over the place, but it was IRONIC. And IRONY makes everything better, doesn’t it? I daresay that I’d encourage you to read it, purely for the sake of stupidity if anything else. The author really did go all out with the final chapter; when you don’t care about anything, you can write some amazing crap. This paragraph is trying to be ironic; ironically, it’s failing. Observe: this picture was flipped upside-down.

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

tl;dr: I take back what I said, the message that I get now is, “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Google Account. Please create a new password to continue using your account.” Welp, that was nice, got my account back.

tl;dr EDIT: Woah, I guess it wasn’t Tor, after all. Somebody actually got into my account from Germany. To all you German hackers out there trying to get into my account, stop it :'(

P.S. Moral of the story: don’t use alphanumeric passwords, use passwords exclusively consisting of non-Roman letters/numerals, such as ‘—?¥>¿イ}・©淇ユøイ¬§’¼ßワア€ホ’. Now spend the rest of your life trying to recover it after your brother ‘accidentally’ permanently deletes your password list.

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  1. Blanketyblankblank

    Where is “far”, that I may follow Google to it?

    Yeah, perhaps making a comment to point out something like this is going to “far” as well.

    Also as a side note, “anyways” is a word. It is simply non-standard (or sub-standard, however you wish to view it). As another fun fact: the more you use it the more it becomes correct. These are fun and terrible points to bring up with favourite English teachers. Yepper-de-doodles, I was top of my class in English. Moot points like this can be too much fun (omitting the ‘o’ there felt like it would be going to “far” this time).

    2012/02/29 at 05:02

  2. Welcome to O-New, land of incomplete posts and horrible HTML layouts.

    (Anyways, anyways is considered a word by many, and I never use ‘anyway’ for that matter; it’s just that my current spellcheck shows that it isn’t a word. Spellcheck isn’t a word, either ;)

    P.S. I only go to far when I can’t go to soon. Sometimes people go to soon and they leave without me, so I have to go to far instead :(

    2012/02/29 at 06:05

  3. I need to finish this manga when I get the chance. Commenting on your post because of Google.

    Your brother is going to work for Google, eh, what a smart brother you have. Google rejected me without a second thought, but hey, they rejected my smart friend after giving him 2.5 hours of interview hell, so, I don’t feel too bad!

    2012/03/04 at 20:11

  4. My brother decided to go through high school in two years instead of five. Because of that (and my ‘deciding not to’, i.e. ‘didn’t bother applying for the program because I knew I’d get rejected’), all I can say to family friends every day is that my brother is pretty cool. And then there’s me, that guy who never participates in any competitions, ever, because he stays at home on his little computer watching those stupid, stupid foreign cartoons

    (granted, my brother is even better at watching foreign cartoons than me. I swear, he’s watched ten times the anime I have…)

    2012/03/04 at 20:18

  5. Blankety_____blank

    I have always been here. Just too lazy to post comments. Since the dawn of time.
    Now that I realize that wordpress saves my information by cookies or some other form of shamenesque magiks, I may even comment more often.
    As a protip, I found the best way to get good marks in English was to sit directly beside the instructor, and be sarcastic with him all day, thus completely disrupting the class at all times. Unless his pants are made out of either compound-lame or those non-pants-things-because-he-is-a-women. In that case you just have to pull out a sketchbook and start drawing whenever you make eye contact for more than .2 seconds (a very uncomfortable eternity). This will surely win their hearts, and their marks.

    2012/03/05 at 00:59

  6. Unfortunately, I’m in a ‘special’ English class (you know what I mean by that), and the non-male instructor insists on giving everybody 86%, regardless of their actual effort/intelligence (which is generally far below that). That is to say, since I’m guaranteed to get a good mark, I don’t need to get a good mark :S

    P.S. I do pull out sketchbooks and start drawing whenever I may eye contact with anyone for more than .2 seconds. Except I actually pull out a sheet of lined paper and start drawing their face for two seconds before presenting it to them as a masterful piece of art. Usually, they don’t accept my masterpieces. :v kids these days

    2012/03/05 at 01:39

  7. Blanketyblank____

    2012/03/06 at 03:55

  8. This is me whenever I decide to post for O-New: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5zoatDqtOY

    2012/03/06 at 05:16

  9. ____etyblankblank

    I always enjoy envisioning you bounding over the hill on your local tiger for the next post. And then I don`t read them because they are for anime 2 seasons ahead of where I am watching because they keep coming out TOO DARN FAST. AnywayS I don`t have many more options for underscores so I guess I`ll have a new name again next time I leave a comment of mystery and super-advanced-hyper-galaxy-level grammar jokes.

    2012/03/07 at 02:58

  10. I look forward to approving your comments once again, brave soldier of the Interstellar Web. Or Interwebber star. Or Internet Stelweb? Internet Webstar? Just, like, whatever :(

    2012/03/07 at 04:59

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