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O-ASG 1: Mouretsu Pirates 8

[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! ZUN GOT MARRIED! HALF A YEAR AGO! (EDIT: Fine, engaged, whatever). moral of the story: beer + making games where you control little girls shooting other little girls = marriage]

What does O-ASG mean, you ask?

YOU DON’T ASK! You comment. Nobody comments. So nobody asks.

O-ASG is an Organized Article of Supplementary Guides. Another possible abbreviation is ‘OrgASG’ or ‘RANDOMNES (oRgANizeD article Of suppleMeNtary guideS)’. Any relation to the Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses is purely coincidental, unintentional, and I was lying about that. There won’t be an images in this post, but there WILL BE LINKS. And it WILL BE A SHORT POST. So read on…

Why is this an O-ASG instead of an actual post? Well, you see, once again, I haven’t actually seen the episode in question. Thus, it’s hard to write an actual post, as previous experiences have decisively demonstrated. The negative reaction I received from /a/nons surpassed all negative reactions I have ever received in my life, as well as before my life, such as the negative reaction my pre-fetal self received from a disapproving mother and ashamed father. I don’t even know why they had me, I’m like the worst nightmare of their lives, multiplied by one point one. In conclusion: I’ll never pull a stunt like that again.

So, I’ve made an O-ASG. Which is acceptable, since this will actually contain information. I did say this post was going to be short, right? Let’s make it short, then.

  • Divine made a screenshot-full (seriously, if I weren’t a person who just takes random mederpka/mspaint-edited shots, I’d just steal all my images from Random Curiosity) post about Mouretsu Pirates, a post that’s gotten more views in the past 3 days than my entire blog has gotten in the past fortnight. By the way, if you didn’t notice; today’s Leap Day! Wow! This astounding event only comes up once every ~4.1237113402061855670103092783505 years!
  • Shinmaru made a BITCHIN’ post about BITCHIN’ SPACE PIRATES;
  • Crusader and ExecutiveOtaku made a screenshot-full (seriously, it took me twenty minutes just to SCROLL down to the bottom before I realized there was an ‘End’ key on my keyboard) post about Mouretsu Space Pirates;
  • Foshizzel made a METANORN post about META SPACE PIRATES, which isn’t actually about META SPACE PIRATES. God, that Foshizzel guy, he still hasn’t added me on Skype. What a loser. I mean me. Because nobody adds me on Skype;
  • psgels made the most information-dense (read: short) post about Mouretsu Pirates 8 that I have ever seen in the past five minutes;
  • Yet finally, Joojoobees made (what I consider) the best Bodacious Space Pirates 8 (not about the OP!) post this week. I guess this isn’t saying much, since I only skimmed through all of these posts, and I still haven’t watched the episode in question yet. :(

P.S. I’ll tag all link-compendium posts I make after this as an O-ASG, as well as all previous link-compendium posts, even though they won’t be numbered. Though, honestly, this should be the exception rather than the norm; I’m only doing this because I haven’t watched the episode yet.

P.P.S. It’s a leap year, and the final day of February, which happened to be my best month in terms of views (as each month always is) – yet, that really doesn’t mean much, seeing as a fifth of this month’s views came from a single day in which flare linked over a thousand random strangers who stayed on O-New for an average time of 0.21 seconds each. God dammit, cause it’s also snowing~ and causing seven full buses to pass by me before I squeezed into the last bus passing by by levitating on top of the sea of everybody’s heads because THAT’S HOW DENSE IT WAS. Yes, I am exaggerating. No, it was snowing. No, there were hundreds of people waiting at the stops getting on. Yes, I was late for school. No, I won’t continue writing this stupid fucking post

5 responses

  1. Yeah, it’s snowing here, too. I thought we might get away with no snow for the entire month of February — DAMNED LEAP YEAR!

    2012/03/01 at 00:11

  2. It must be a law of leap years to always snow on the day. Problem is, I don’t really remember last leap year all that well :(

    2012/03/01 at 00:16

  3. This is what I get for creating an OASG…*regrets everything*

    Personally, I feel Pirates is finally arriving…which means the second half should be pretty memorable. I hope O.o

    2012/03/01 at 02:11

  4. Oh no! The pirates are arriving!

    2012/03/01 at 02:22

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