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Mouretsu Pirates 9

You don’t say?

Well, I will now say.

Mouretsu Pirates is gearing up to be ~AWESOME~. You know how every single manga I’ve ever blogged starts to suck after I start blogging it? Even Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku isn’t what it once was. I must infect good manga with bad luck, or something. Really, after they start to suck, the manga I blog all end early – SWOT, Donten Prism Solar Car, Hand x Red, now Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa, and soon, ST&RS.

But, you know how every single anime I’ve ever blogged starts to become ~AWESOME~ after I start blogging it? Even Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon turned out to be an ~awesome~ show that I’m getting HELLA PUMPED about next next season. I must infect bad anime with good luck, or something, Really, after they start to be awesome, the anime I blog all get sequels – Horizon, Steins;Gate, Beelzebub, and… uh… yeah.

Anyways, Majikoi genuinely became humorous(ly bad) after I started blogging it; Ben-To became the underdog of the season after I started blogging it; Black★Rock Shooter (TV) now seems somewhat decent (once you think of them as gearing up for a Madoka finale) after I started blogging it; and Mouretsu Pirates…

…is ~AWESOME~!

Enough metablogging. Did you know: I now have a tag for meta items. You didn’t? That’s because nobody looks at my tags, anyways. If you do look at my tags, by Madoka go get a life already

Mouretsu Pirates is great because it seems so ~polished~. By comparison, Black★Rock Shooter (TV) doesn’t feel so polished, which is why it’s only half-decent so far. Ultimately, both may be equally well-thought-out; the only difference are their executions. Mouretsu Pirates executes itself as a polished show, whereas nothing in Black★Rock Shooter (TV) makes sense. Which could turn to Black★Rock Shooter (TV)’s advantage – if it can pull a Madoka on all of us and reveal that, say, this was all Tomato’s dream, and that the counsellor, Ms. Smith, is actually a psychiatrist trying to help her.

WAIT! That has nothing to do with Mouretsu Pirates!

Yeah, you’re right. What I’m saying is, Mouretsu Pirates is consistent. Pirates don’t actually engage in warfare; all the fighting is done over the telephone. Pirating isn’t illegal; it’s a form of government-sanctioned entertainment. Letters of Marque do not allow pirate ships to engage enemy ships; they’re merely contracts of employment, employing the pirates as entertainers. Even the steering wheel at the prow of the ship is fake; of course their ship’s on perpetual autopilot, nobody can solve galactic gravity equations in their heads at near-light speeds. Their weapons are all for show; their actual weapons are embedded INTO THEIR BODIES (I suspect they’re not a projectile weapon, but maybe something like neurotoxin or poison gas; projectile weapons are so unsophisticated). Of course, the pirate uniforms are too; everything’s fake in Mouretsu Pirates.

Which makes everything that much more real.

See, if Mouretsu Pirates’s setting wasn’t so fake, we’d all be wondering, “Why don’t they have more advanced weapons? Why do they still use 21st-century guns and rocket launchers? Why do they have to wear a 16th-century pirate outfit? Why doesn’t the government track them down and kill them for stealing from other ships? Why does Kane fly the ship with a steering wheel rather than an onboard navigation system?” Mouretsu Pirates’d seem so inconsistent.

So, all of that’s fake.

And when you strip off all the fake things, Mouretsu Pirates is wonderfully consistent. Pirating is a profession alike a circus performer. Not only does it entertain passengers, but it gives them a feel for the Sea of the Morningstar, that one planet that rebelled against the Colony Federation with hired mercenary pirates. Now that 100 years have passed, pirates are a part of the Sea of the Morningstar’s culture, just as Wild West gunmen and bandits are part of America’s. If you were a tourist passing through Texas, wouldn’t you want to experience Texas’s unique Western culture by being part of a Mexican standoff? OK, maybe not, but many tourists passing through Tau Ceti obviously want to be part of the pirating experience. Nice to see that through all these years, culture still remains. To think that 1984 passed 28 years ago!

Mouretsu Pirates is consistent and believable. We might not believe that pirates would exist to actually pirate in the future, but we can believe that in the future, insurance companies will continue to provide insurance. We can believe that circus entertainment would still be provided. We can believe that there will still be culture. We can believe that the world will still be ridden with tons of bureaucratic red tape.

It’s all this that makes Mouretsu Pirates so ~awesome~.

The funny thing is, ‘selene‘ is a word… for the Greek goddess of the moon. Dunno if this is a typo or not, because Selenity seems to be a double planet (or is it a double moon?)…

You know who makes Mouretsu Pirates even more ~awesome~?



Because nobody. Fucking. Understands. Her. Either she has the crappiest character design and the most unbelievable behaviours this side of the universe or she’s the most realistic character this season. Not everybody accepts life with one personality – I, for example, have zero personalities. Similarly, you can’t expect somebody in real life to always act the same way towards every situation. I know people who know people, and they know people who know people, and all of these people who know people know that people are unpredictable. Just like Marika.

Even though Marika’s the protagonist, we really don’t ever know what she’s thinking about. Other shows have us inside the mind of the protagonist, so that you’re 100% certain the protagonist isn’t lying to you; but have we ever had a scene of Marika alone, not talking to other people? Yes, we have, but it’s not extended. Have you noticed how Marika switches from being aloof and ditzy to being decisive and determined without a break in between?

A (WARNING: BRONIES) derpy person cannot do that. And I don’t mean derpy as in retarded, but derpy as in lightheaded, aloof, easy-going.

Marika is obviously faking it. Remember that scene when Chiaki told Marika to ‘quit acting like you’re so ditzy’ (paraphrased)? Yeah, neither do I, because if I did, I wouldn’t have to paraphrase it. But Marika is a deeper character than we thought. If people can fool other people in real life, what’s to stop a realistic anime character from fooling people in real life?

Obviously, I’m one of those that are fooled. So, I can’t talk more about that. Also, this post is getting a bit long, so I’ll wrap up with two other points.

Serenity/Selenity was unmodified, right? So… how’d, uh, the picture above happen?

Also, how come there’s water and clouds and an atmosphere on Selenity? How come the sky is blue, and not orange? How come there’s trees and rocks, but no extraterrestrial flora/fauna? Come to think of it, even on Sea of the Morningstar, there’s nothing but Terran (FORGIVE ME, STARCRAFT PLAYERS) plants and animals. Actually, there aren’t any animals! Strange…

You know how there are side characters? Yeah, you know, those people in the background who are never named. The people who do all the work. The people in Angel Beats who make the weapons the main characters carelessly abuse without even acknowledging their existence. The exorcists in Ao no Exorcist who maintained the balance of peace the main characters seek so much to ruin. The minions in Black Lagoon that ensure Roanapur’s continued survival and profitability amidst the destruction the main character unleash. The hordes of fans and television crew members in Tiger & Bunny who created the main characters in the first place.

They’re the people who actually matter. People who deserve to be acknowledged, like they were in Durarara!!. People who are just in every way as important as the main characters – if we made an anime about a background character, he’d be a main character too, wouldn’t he?

I just hate it when Mouretsu Pirates casts all of these characters aside. They mention that ‘everyone’s here’, when all the hard-working slaves who load up the cargo and make sure all systems are properly working and maintained (and who don’t just sit on the bridge idling around) are still working as hard as ever. They introduce all these characters, without even a mention of Mario and Luigi and their badass eyepatches. I’ll bet those eyepatches are hiding eye-laserbeams underneath, but Mouretsu Pirates doesn’t even care about them.

What a shame.

tl;dr: last day of strike, better start working on my science project now

P.S. “I only hope it doesn’t turn into an action movie or a big spectacle,” is foreshadowing like CRAZY, probably. That’s also why the ED changes; now, Mouretsu Pirates will finally blast off from normal highschool life into actual political INTRIGUE. This is already the end of the first cour. But are fifteen episodes enough to fully flesh out this universe?

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