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O-NEC 3: Science Fair

Well, as (hopefully) all of you know, I’m getting HELLA STRESSED about my science fair project on EPISTEMOLOGY (the study of knowledge), which is due tomorrow. Last year, I got 25% on my science fair project, because I didn’t write a report and didn’t make a backboard. My science fair project was ‘a drainage system’, which I (read: my parents) made by gluing two cans together and putting a grater on one the night before the day of the fair. I got 20% of that 25% for ‘participation in the science fair’, and 5% as a pity mark, probably. Anyways, even though last year’s science fair was worth 25% of my second term mark, somehow, I got 86% in science that term?? I would have to have gotten ~106.3% on the rest of my science to have gotten that mark, which I obviously, uh, didn’t…

I suspect trickery.

Anyhow, being the procrastinator that I am (and because, y’know, I post long posts on this stupid, stupid blog), I didn’t do any work on my science fair at all during the past five-day-long weekend, until last night. Here’s what happened…

I honestly don’t know why I drew in crayon. It took me at least half an hour to draw that second panel, because the crayon is such a stupid, stupid tool. Everybody who uses it should drown in a well off the coast of Finland. I don’t count because I was just, like, y’know, sorta trying it out and stuff. Right? At least it looks like I put effort into it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince my teacher that I put effort into my report, though… because obviously, doing such a long report wouldn’t work. If I were to write 15 more topics in my essay, it’d be over 30,000 words long – 3/5ths of the way to a full-fledged NaNoWriMo novel! And it’d also take me at least 15 more hours to write, heh.

By Madoka, I still haven’t started writing on my actual report yet. GOOD NEWS – as long as I /write/ a report and have /something/ for my display (I don’t even need a display board!), I’ll get AT LEAST DOUBLE the mark that I got last year. I’m such an optimist~

For reference, anybody who wanted to actually see my original outline, it’s here:

I) Introduction

II) Forms of Knowledge
II.A) Truth
II.A.1) Propositional Logic
II.A.2) Pragmatic/Deflationist Theories
II.A.3) Correspondence/Semantic Theories
II.B) Knowledge
II.B.1) Justified True Belief
II.B.2) Gettier Problems
II.B.3) Tetrapartite Theories
II.B.4) Reliabilism
II.C) Foundationalism
II.C.1) cogito ergo sum
II.C.2) Infinitism
II.C.3) Empirical/Logical Necessity
II.D) Coherentism
II.D.1) Reliabilism
II.D.2) Infinite Regress

III) Storage of Knowledge
III.A) Internalism/Externalism
III.A.1) Moral
III.A.2) Twin Earth
III.A.3) Dream Argument
III.B) Relativism
III.B.1) Absolutism
III.B.2) Methodological Pluralism
III.B.3) Social Constructivism
III.C) Memetics
III.C.1) Evolutionary Epistemology

IV) Perception of Knowledge
IV.A) Realism
IV.A.1) Naïve Realism
IV.A.2) Representative Realism
IV.A.3) Idealism
IV.A.4) Phenomenalism
IV.B) Empiricism
IV.B.1) a posteriori Knowledge
IV.B.2) tabula rasa
IV.B.3) Positivism
IV.C) Rationalism
IV.C.1) a priori Knowledge
IV.C.2) Impositionism
IV.C.3) Reflectionism

V) Limits of Knowledge
V.A) Metaphysics
V.A.1) Particulars/Universals
V.A.2) Nominalism
V.A.3) Ontology
V.B) Skepticism
V.B.1) Local/Global
V.B.2) Scientific Skepticism
V.B.3) Pyrrhonism
V.C) Solipsism
V.C.1) Nihilism
V.C.2) Determinism
V.C.3) Subjective Idealism

VI) Science
VI.A) Rationalism
VI.A.1) Deduction
VI.A.2) Induction
VI.A.3) Abduction
VI.B) Empiricism
VI.B.1) Experiment
VI.B.2) Naturalism
VI.B.3) Objectivity
VI.C) The Scientific Method
VI.C.1) Demarcation Problem
VI.C.2) Occam’s Razor
VI.C.3) Pragmatism
VI.C.4) Verificationism

VII) Conclusion


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  1. [I honestly don’t know why I drew in crayon.]

    Don’t worry…we all know why. <_<

    2012/03/09 at 10:40

  2. As a student of philosophy I wanna read the final results.

    2012/03/09 at 11:18

  3. i told you about topics bro

    2012/03/09 at 15:02

  4. As a student of high school that mutilates philosophy in an awkward race for an acceptable mark in a science class, I don’t wanna cause you to loathe me forever. Because if I give you my final report, you’re going to loathe me forever. For mutilating philosophy.

    (By the way, I actually did finish that report – with two minutes to spare before the start of science class. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually read through it, so I can only imagine my teacher’s consternation…)

    2012/03/10 at 00:11

  5. I don’t!!!1!

    2012/03/10 at 00:14

  6. i told about you topia bro

    2012/03/10 at 00:58

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