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Gangsta 11

Watch out!! It’s a post about GANGSTA, GREEK FOOD, and GOOGLE today (and NOT a pedo bear by madoka how MANY PEOPLE search for pedo bear EVERY SINGLE DAY and get to this stupid fucking blog… I got 1.4 MILLION impressions for my blog by people searching pedo bear in the last WEEK. why, society?! why?)! :o

Yes, I realize, it’s strange – after all, with Daylight Savings Time started, I now have an extra hour every day to post, but.. nope? That’s because I decided to eat Greek food. The end. Updates later tomorrow. Or below. Click that more linkĀ».

First of all, let’s get something out of the way: the author of Gangsta is female.

THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!! Such as, whether the author was female or not, whether the author was male or not, what gender the author of Gangsta was, what sex the author of Gangsta was, etc.

However, there’s one thing it doesn’t explain. Yes, I realize I said ‘everything’, but I was lying when I said that, just like how I wasn’t lying when I said the author of Gangsta was a girl. Note: wasn’t, because she is. This doesn’t explain Gangsta’s convoluted situation, which I must somehow make sense of. Nevertheless, I’m feeling a bit too worn out today (what with SPRING BREEEEAAAAAAAAAAK and being busy sleeping for fourteen hours a day), so I’ll summarize this whole manga after it starts to make more sense. Here is my face:

Gangsta is very similar to Blood Lad – their expositions are all too swift, too many characters are introduced at a time, and they plunge you into giant wars without warning. Then again, perhaps this pace is better than, say, Bleach – sure, there’s preparation for giant wars in Bleach, but they take forever. Come to think of it, most (read: all) of the manga I’ve recently read were long-running Shounen Jump ones; perhaps I only think of them as the norm because they’re the only ones I read? In which case Gangsta may be nothing out of the ordinary, either. What I’m saying is – Gangsta has too many characters we don’t care about! (I suppose Bleach also has too many characters we don’t care about…) Perhaps the author knows them all in his heart, but WE DON’T CARE!!!!11!213$!#%. Fact of the Day: When YouTube has a server error, its error message is ‘Error 502 (Server Error)!!1’. Yes, with the one after the exclamation marks.

Gangsta is also very similar to Roberta’s Blood Trail – their expositions are all too swift, too many characters are introduced at a time, and they plunge you into giant war preparation without warning. I don’t even know, alright, I’m not even going to continue this line of thought anymore.

I suppose now it’s time to talk about GREEK FOOD. I already talked about GANGSTA in the previous paragraphs, and about GOOGLE when I talked about YOUTUBE, which GOOGLE owns.

Yesterday/today/Sunday, I went out to EAT GREEK FOOD and RUN AROUND IN STANLEY PARK. I actually decided to run on the Seawall for a couple of kilometres without a jacket in the biting cold and howling wind, and subsequently (shock!) caught a cold. Or maybe it’s allergies, because apparently, now my entire family (including my aunt, uncle-in-law, grandparents, cousin, parents, and brother) is sniffling. ANYWAYS currently I am feeling very distasteful and unpleasant, and if some poor animal were to chance upon eating my flesh it would undoubtedly acquire my distastefulness.

BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GREEK FOOD! I completely agree, and so I’ll tell you about my adventures in eating GREEK FOOD, the FOOD of the BANKRUPT:

I ate Greek food.

/*~THE END~*\

P.S. Why does Nina wear a sailor uniform if they’re in ‘MURICAH
P.P.S. Gangsta is also very similar to Tiger & Bunny – their main characters are OLD MEN

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