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O-NEC 4: Tree-olled

I was just strolling in Stanley Park yesterday when suddenly, geese. I saw a geese go behind a tree, and seeing that geese’s beakses seem quite sharp, what if the geese went through the tree instead?

I really don’t know how I got to this picture from that thought.

Geese, do you know where they’ll take you?

Here, I’ll let az write the rest of this post:

I say tree-olled (like being rick rolled, but being rick trolled!) because if I were to draw a continuation of this, the tree would don a cape, lift off, and kill all the geese, crashing into buildings along the way. I DON’T KNOW, ALRIGHT, I’M STILL SANE AREN’T I

~~~A message for one of the guest posters here, who is feeling really really proud of his work~~~

So, I have some sthuff that I’m going to be posting on soon. Sure it’s a game, but but. Butt.

P.S. this post has not been brought to you by: drugs

7 responses

  1. wow, very nice post mr. abs olut ezer o25 5

    2012/03/13 at 04:48

  2. aaaaaaaa

    2012/03/13 at 05:38

  3. I don’t even know what is going on in this blog anymore.

    2012/03/13 at 09:03

  4. he rote this post not my

    2012/03/13 at 20:52

  5. wow man

    i only MADE ONE COPMIC and you made me AUTHOUR

    2012/03/13 at 21:06

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