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Staking Chances on a Competition of Senseless Animation Vituperations, Organized by a Naïvely Egotistical Writer

The Aniblog Tourney.

Surely you have all heard about it.

Guess what we’re going to do?

We’re going to bet.

We’re going to bet on the Aniblog Tourney. Yes, we’re going to be Staking Chances on a Competition of Senseless Animation Vituperations, Organized by a Naïvely Egotistical Writer. And that’s me. I’ll organize this SCCSAV:O-NEW. All you guys have to do is bet.

Let’s see how much interest this works up. Granted, half of this entire operation is a pitiful attempt to augment my readership before the Tourney starts in earnest – there, I admit it, this is all a plan to drive more traffic to the site, and now let’s not mention that ever again, because there’s another half of this entire operation – to honestly drum up some fun amidst all this drama. Then again, gambling (and losing) may sometimes cause even more drama, and so, we’ll lay some ground rules here that will GUARANTEE, 100%, that there will be NO DRAMA surrounding this shit at all.

First; to bet, register your name to me. I’ll keep track of all the bets so everything’s fair. Unfortunately, I’ve never seriously bet in my pitifully short life, and I don’t even know how to manage betting – nevertheless, I THINK IT’LL WORK OUT ALL FINE ANYWAYS.

Second; once registered, you will receive 100 (amount subject to change) coins. Of course, they’re fake, and you can call them 100 whatever you want. 100 stars, 100 cats, 100 ponies, 100 dead bodies, 100 drunk balloons, 100 dunked baboons, WHATEVER. I will keep track of ALL the coins that EVERYBODY has on this blog.

Third; before the pairing starts, you have the ability to MAKE BETS. Yes, one must make a bet to gamble. Not rocket science there, buddy. I will NOT keep track of HOW you make your bets, or whether you make any bets at all (you could just hoard all your coins without betting and come out with 100 coins at the end, almost guaranteeing you in the 50th percentile unless some person loses all his coins, and everybody else except for you gets exactly 101 coins instead, at which point you would be in second last place. On the flip side, if some person wins one coin from everybody else, and everybody is left with exactly 99 coins, you would be in second place!).

Fourth; after you have made a bet with some other participant, BOTH of you must submit to me a notice of what you are betting on, who you are betting with, and how many coins/stars/starfish/starfruit you are betting. If both participants submit the SAME NOTICE, it is a VALID bet. If, however, the notices DIFFER, I will inform both of you, and you have until the pairing starts to submit valid notices. If you want, you can probably bet with three or more people; I don’t care, I just keep track of bets.

Fifth; after the pairing starts, you may NOT submit nor alter your bets. If your submitted notices differ and I fail to inform you before the pairing starts, I will nullify the bet (even though it’s my fault for not informing you on time). I will post a list of all bets for the pairing exactly as voting begins, as well as a list of the results of the previous pairing’s bets.

Sixth; after the pairing ends, I will tally up, add, deduct, augment, subtract, and what have you the results of all the bets made. I will then make this into a list which I will post up the day of the NEXT pairing.

Seventh; there’s nothing more to say, you idiots. So, who wants to SEE THIS HAPPEN?!


14 responses

  1. Flare.

    “I bet all of this is going to suck a lot.”


    [More traffic to O-NEW] Yeah,having one more person visiting this place is going to be a LOT more. :D

    2012/03/18 at 10:34

  2. Well, it’d be like, 50% more, wouldn’t it? :v

    2012/03/18 at 17:50

  3. Stop trying so hard. No seriously, stoppp!!!!

    2012/03/19 at 03:38

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    2012/03/19 at 05:37

  5. Yi

    This might actually be fun, but the timing of this post is totally off. Wait until the brackets are up. Then prompt a betting ring. (Also, need better rewards… Virtual coins don’t quite cut it.) But yea, I’d be totally up for betting on the tourney. Adds that much more spice to the whole thing.

    2012/03/21 at 16:45

  6. Well, this is just to gauge general excitement towards this kind of thing (it’s not actually starting up now, haha). Either there’s not much enthusiasm for this, or my marketing campaign is completely horrible – I’ll retry after the brackets are up, definitely.

    2012/03/21 at 16:53

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  8. Jay

    Good luck, bro.

    One question though: Is the “good guy” mantra fit for the tourney?

    2012/04/04 at 14:35

  9. Wait, what do I need luck for :'(

    2012/04/04 at 23:20

  10. Jay

    What’s the appropriate word then?

    2012/04/05 at 03:58

  11. Uh… ‘nice try’? :P

    2012/04/05 at 04:54

  12. Too much work, for I am the laziest of lazys. I’m so lazy that I won’t even correct spelling errors, and I might not even finish th-

    2012/04/09 at 04:13

  13. c’monnnnnnnn if you register other people will register because they see glo’s name, and they’ll all be like, ‘isn’t that glo, THE LEGEND?!!? I should totally participate in this ANIBLOG BETTING thing!!’

    or maybe not

    2012/04/09 at 04:26

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