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Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku 57

-rally! c) I told you so. I really hope you clicked that link from the previous post to get to this post, because then, this joke will make a lot more sense. P-Please~? :'(

Because of Hatoyama Yukio (see previous post if you don’t know who the well he is!!), Taizou is now once again a NEET, having been kicked out of office. I honestly wonder how the real Taizou in real life thinks about this manga – on one hand, he’s portrayed as a self-assured, brazen, and cowardly weakling, while on the other hand, he’s portrayed as a awesome BADASS. I suppose that trope exists for a reason.

Anyways, Hatoyama, being Venusian, decides to cut all government space exploration programs to ‘revitalize the government’ – obviously, if you’re an alien, you wouldn’t want Earthlings to find out about your existence. Thus, Shijou Ayano of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (or, in Japanese, the Dokuritsu Gyousei Houjin Uchuu Koukuu Kenkyuu Kaihatsu Kikou, DoGHouchuuKKKK for short, or maybe it was JAXA?) uses her moe powers to fight against the Democratic Party’s evil ways.

The funny thing is, this makes some sort of sense after my cursory analysis of the Democratic Party of Japan’s revolutionary stance. That is to say, their stance is to revolutionize Japan. Obviously, Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku’s view of this is completely satirical, but it is nice that they’re still putting politics in this.

Unfortunately, all of the protagonists in this new arc are fictional.

Yes, this was shocking, and degraded much from the original concept of political leaders fighting other political leaders. Mahjong’s just a plot device; we all know the real battle is between their ideologies. This is a political satire, after all. I’m pretty sure 90% of the current fanbase feels alienated at the inclusion of fictional characters.

But wait! They’re not fictional! Sure, the people are fictional, but they’re simply anthropomorphisms, human embodiments of Japanese organizations. The Japanese Self-Defence Forces are personified in the 13th Autonomous Mahjong Corps, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is manifested in Shijou Ayano, demonstrating to the public the moe potential of space exploration. Or something like that.

Which makes sense, since the politics still remain. Except, now, we’re dealing with whole organizations, not just important persons. That’s good.

Anyhow, back to the real battle. Murata Renhou, the State Minister of Government Revitalization, is appointed by Hatoyama to, uh, revitalize the government. What this means is cutting away all government activities. I wonder if this is part of the Japanese Democratic Party’s platform, maintaining less government programs?

As the first battle, which concluded last chapter, Renhou chooses Doi Takako to fight for LOVE and PEACE against the EVIL 13th Autonomous Mahjong Corps. Doi leads the Social Democratic Party of Japan, one of their platforms which is to disarm the JSDF. Obviously, the JSDF goes against her in the form of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force’s Master Sargent Okumura and his buddy, Hanada.

Through spectacular teamwork (even though Hanada isn’t part of the 13th American Math Competition, nor the 13th Autonomous Mahjong Corps), Okumura and Hanada win by showing the great chivalry and strength of the JGSDF. For some reason, Renhou becomes very angry at Mr. Weasley, shouting his name in a burst of profanity that echoes around the hall

This makes sense – the JGSDF is known (?) for being strong, since they’re military men.

The next battle is directly against the FINAL BOSS (who obviously isn’t the final boss), RENHOU and her identical blonde sister, RINHOU. Protip: Renhou doesn’t have a sister, and if she did, she wouldn’t be blonde. Shijou volunteers herself (remember, she is the EMBODIMENT of SPACE AGENCY) to fight with the Japanese Defence Ministry’s Technical Research and Development Institute’s Technical Officer Inui (remember, she is the EMBODIMENT of RESEARCHING DEVELOPMENT), since they worked together in the past – even though she doesn’t actually know how to play mahjong.

This also makes total sense. Obviously, the space agency and the defence ministry’s R&D institute would work together. Also, Shijou’s insanely quick grasp of mahjong rules and strategy flaunts the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s intellect and flexibility. And moe-ness. I honestly don’t know why they made her so moe. There’s a moe girl on the cover of every chapter even though it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY. That’s like, the one flaw I can find with Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku up till now.

So, in conclusion. At first, I thought this new arc would be bad because of all of these fictional characters, and how real politicians aren’t involved – however, they aren’t actually fictional characters. They’re representations of various government agencies. Try doing that with real people!

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