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Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army 2

Well, guys.

I hope you’re all HELLA pumped about tomorrow, because tomorrow…


Oh, wait, sorry. That was pretty racist of me. Apologies, anyone out there who got offended. Tomato isn’t black. Japanese★Retard Schooler (TV) just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though…

But wait! This isn’t even a BRS post! It’s a BCBA post! And Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army you will have.

Whereas last episode dealt with the children’s side of things, this episode deals with the adults – the elite agents sent to KILL ALL CHILDREN. I mean, uh, retrieve the box the children have. It’s always nice to see two sides of a conflict – these people are just doing their job, retrieving the technology monster (wait, retrieving the technology monster?). The children just happen to have the technology monster. I’ll bet if the children were cute little cuddly dolphins, these people would kill them to retrieve the technology monster as well. It’s nothing personal.

These three elite troops are Kurisu Chris, an agent currently operating in the Middle East’s ‘Modena Mania’ (Professional Information: this is not an actual city); Orange-hair, an agent currently playing games with cute little African children who happen to speak Japanese in Denkbilgestad (Professional Information: this is not an actual city), South Africa, and Gabriel, a creepy guy exploding buildings over at Berlin (Professional Information: this is an actual city), Germany.

They seem to be either CIA/Special Forces operatives or just exceptionally experienced hired mercenaries – you can see that Gabriel’s dispatching evil robbers, and that Chris is probably defending against evil Taliban terrorists or something. However, they’re all too creepy – look at Chris, taking a bath while rockets kill thousands of innocent cute little Afghan children; look at Gabriel, flashing that yan smile while killing a surrendering robber in cold blood; look at Orange-hair, playing games with cute little African children. OK, maybe not Orange-hair, but the rest of them are hella creepy.

They’re coordinated by some businessman operating in Paris as part of the Trident Foundation, a foundation presumably founded to try denting something. And that’s it. Really. Not much can happen in four minutes when forty seconds are taken up by the ED.

However, in this economy, adults salmoning legs is quite abnormal.

Actually, in any economy, adults salmoning legs is quite abnormal. Nevertheless, here at O-New, a post that’s actually fully about what it’s about is also quite abnormal. Thus, let us revert to talking about that important concept known as: my life.

What happened in my life?

Well, the day before yesterday, I cramped my hamstrings up by sitting at my computer for eight hours straight and suddenly deciding to run around. Yeah, not a good idea there. Because of that (or because of other reasons unknown), some bone in my knee dislocated. It was a minor dislocation, so it didn’t really hurt or protrude outwards, but it still warranted my waiting for an hour and a half at the chiropractor yesterday until 1:45 for my knee to be twisted back into place,
even though my appointment was booked for 12:15. Why don’t you just book your appointments later if we always have to wait?! I have a feeling this chiropractor is scamming me of my money… (paying $40 for him to spend five minutes to twist my bones back in place?!)

That’s bad enough, but it’s just a physical injury, nothing much. Other physical injuries I currently have include a protruding wisdom tooth (or three) I’ll need to get removed very soon (I just found out about this yesterday when I got an X-ray at the orthodontist), and, uh… actually, that’s all. I’m not the type of person to get injured easily. I’ve only really had four injuries in the past two weeks.

SO. That concludes my post. Those long paragraphs above? Yeah, that’s just me saying ‘sorry, I didn’t have time to make many new posts even during the break’ in many more words.


(P.S. Apparently, some site has popped up called DDLAnime, that allows you to… uh, DDL anime. I think this is really smart – since SOPA and co. are primarily American things, they’re really only worried about American productions. They’re not going to bother cracking down on the piracy of – pfft – JAPANESE CARTOONS. Besides, DDLAnime isn’t even the U.S.’s jurisdiction, and so until the Japanese decide to stop fansub pirating altogether (Professional Information: this will never happen), DDLAnime is safe. To DDL anime from. Except I wouldn’t recommend it because ANYTHING that has GUILTY CROWN CHARACTERS on the homepage is BOUND to SUCK)

(P.P.S. Related: The Pirate Bay wants to host their site through automated unmanned flying drones hovering several kilometres above international waters. Good luck, SOPA~)

(P.P.P.S. Not Related: I didn’t notice until now, but apparently gg’s old domain got cut. Here’s what they say:

Our old website was hosted on matt’s server, he quit paying for his server without saying anything, and we didn’t have any database backups. All of the the WordPress posts and comments were lost. Those weren’t important and life goes on without them, but I suppose it’s a lot of “history”. We’ll get a regular website later. For now, Schneizel.

So, I guess here’s their temporary website for now. Yes, this is unrelated to everything in the post but I WANT TO SOUND KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE ANIME COMMUNITY SUCK IT UP)

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  1. [I hope you’re all HELLA pumped]

    I’m not.Pump me up please!

    2012/03/22 at 08:10

  2. *pump pump pump*

    You are now a bicycle wheel!! :D

    2012/03/22 at 16:09

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  4. I have wisdom teeth that need pulling too.

    Oh joy. Thanks for reminding me.

    2012/03/29 at 01:14

  5. Mmmm yeah, FEEL THE PAIN

    2012/03/29 at 04:25

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