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Explore in Silent Rhythm the Curse

A writing prompt, by 2DT.
A compilation, by mefloraine.
A story, by Mushyrulez.

In front of me, a path.
The light, shining, blinding my eyes, yet it was strangely serene, tranquil. Peeling away, layers upon layers, on the ground. Floating…

Within reach and-




with a thud



The silent whirring of sheets. Humming quietly, taciturn as a fox under
stood up a light
reaching into- BEEEE-eeepppp… fading into nothing

With a shock, returning to

to what?
to whom?
to where?

tumbling forever, the sheep fading idly by, a drape covering the baby blue sky above through which clouded

silence and suddenly, solid. Inside the covers, a snake wounds up, glass as if breathing, slinking up into the heavens of pale viscous lychee juices of the past…
my parents’ sweet smiles as they made this food a palate; explosive colours and now
squinting my eyes they disappear


softer now, impulsively I move my feet
unmoving, taciturn, I touch the covers on my bed, the sheath firmly holding myself in place
it’s gone
my left hand limply at its side, hands towards the heavens and the sky and the soft baby blue of an orthodontist’s cap, glasses at my side and so weak
as if silently,

I curse





and from which destruction of long past

memories of my grandfather welling up in my lungs, waiting to be unleashed in a torrent of outrage but notwithstanding captivity of
pushing out, the light embraces me
my hand on the right, how wonderful the feeling
to touch and feel and be but it was


to the sky I weep without my eyes

the beep of the bricks and stones that line my room which can’t even not without blankness of purity, unsullied in cleanliness and chastity but in life and…??? so in to the forward I trip to upwards
up even more
as the sound dies down and my ears

my ears are not ears
my feet are not feet
my hands are not hands
my body is not my body

at long last, the light – now darkness!!! pain engulfs to every pore and limb from head to intestine and throughout under those sterilized sheets I find the strength and escapes!! towards which infinity I go but to my side my hand unmoving points and I open my eyes, unseeing
my family, my friends
the people I loved

and now

in life

I smile, but my muscles are not muscles, limply hanging by their sides like a flaccid bite of lamb out of the sheep that so fervently graced and grzazed uon the pastures of my soul

are gone

all gone

one final tick, a beep of frustration…
the light, welcomes me, the darkness away, fleeing from the soul like as the emotions can’t be restrained from sheets due of locking captivity I spring forth and up
through the sheets covering my body
and through the roof of the hospital

turning around once, I smile

for the first time in my life,

my curse is gone.

[Post-Post Note: It’s a mark of bad poetry when the author has to explain, but the young narrator in this story has finally passed away from a terminal mental sickness that has plagued him from birth.]

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  1. [More coming up momentarily!]

    Yeaaaaaah riiiiiight…

    Any moment now…

    …nothing happens.Great job Mushy!

    2012/03/24 at 08:28

  2. I’m just learning from you!

    2012/03/24 at 23:19

  3. I have no idea what I read, but it sounded fancy and cool, so great job!

    2012/03/25 at 04:35

  4. c’mon gosh this is POETRY you’re supposed to understand

    2012/03/28 at 01:38