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O-REW 10: Neko Arrange

Wowow! Has it already been 10 O-REWs?! I really hope you guys have been paying attention to the previous ones, because all these people are my good friends, except for all the ones who aren’t. Actually, I don’t really really hope you guys have been paying attention to all these O-REWs. I don’t even think the people I O-REW care about these posts. Whatever :'(

Here’s to hoping that Neko Ayuka, the owner of Neko Arrange, the subject of this post, will notice this post without my smashing it in his face like I smashed my posts in the face of Baka-Raptor, Fang-tan, and Michael James Williams. Wow, I think this paragraph had just been overlinksaturated. POST-POST EDIT: Sorry, it seems I indeed did have to smash it in his face for his response. Simply horrible B(

Firstly, we must explore just what a Neko Arrange is. Through my proficiency in the advanced Japanese and English arts, I have deduced that Neko Arrange in essence is equivalent to the English phrase, ‘grissoms basket case’. Know I not of this esoteric speech’s profound meaning, yet, I am sure that a quick Google search will enlighten us.

Skilfully perusing Google’s useful ‘I am luckily felt’ button, I navigate to the pleasingly named website, http://www.grissomsbasketcase.com/. The website’s name is frighteningly similar to my deduced translation of Neko Arrange; this sheer coincidence cannot possibly be a sheer coincidence. No, it must be a shared coincidence.

Arriving at the page, I notice a friend in grissoms basket case’s horrible, horrible design. Not many websites have layouts more horrible than O-New, and tears flooded my eyes as I gracefully welcomed our new friend into our club – the club of horrible designs, of ‘Grissom by design’, of O-New designs. Yes, O-New is now officially a synonym for horrible. So is grissoms, apparently, because grissoms isn’t really a word.

Of course, being proficient at the art of ‘Internetting’, I proceeded to net the nets and bet the bets by clicking on every link on grissomsbasketcase.com. Fortunately, there were not many links. In fact, the largest link, a blaring red ‘Shop’ sign in obnoxious underlined 48-point Times New Roman, was broken. This did not do much to dull my increasingly gloomy sentiments. The outgoing links led to Dungeons and Dragons Online, the League of Women Voters of Texas, and the International Fantasy Gaming Society. A link to the Home page is present at the bottom… of the Home page, not of any other pages. It is quite possible the administrators of this site do not understand basic navigational techniques such as basic navigational techniques and not displaying ‘Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘grissoms_cartuse’@’boscgi0404.eigbox.net’ (using password: YES) in /hermes/bosweb/web077/b772/ipw.grissomsbasketcase/public_html/GBC/jewelry/jewelry.php on line 106′ in a broken sidebar.

Overall, I believe that grissoms basket case is on the whole a pretty terrible website.

What about Neko Arrange? Well, it’s a fairly nice website with daily (weekly (monthly?)) flash komas, which are like Walfas’s create.swf creations except Walfas stopped creating his create.swf creations. OH RIGHT, NEKO AYUKA STOPPED KOMING HIS FLASH KOMA FLASHINGS TOO. I guess there’s nothing else to talk about, since the last update was a month ago. This post wasn’t really about Neko Arrange, but at least I talked about grissoms basket case!!

5 responses

  1. I say…I say boy,what the heck do ya’ think ya’re doin’?This ain’t goodie for anythin’ post ya making.Ya’ gotta be smoother in ya’re writings.Get a grip boy!Start makin’ something more productive!

    [That boy Mushy…he’s like a woman-Full of ideas but not of brain.]

    2012/03/30 at 21:10

  2. I say…That damned Neko Ayuka guy still hasn’t visited!!

    2012/04/01 at 17:53

  3. Wait, wha- Oh merciful Lain they’ve found me! And they’re conjecturing about links between Neko Arrange and Grissoms Basket Case! FULL OUT PANIC! -smashes glass case and punches red button- EVACUATE! WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND MEN WHO ARE WOMEN ON THE INSIDE FIRST!

    Also, late. ._.
    Apparently I need to stop lining up posts ahead of time because every time I do I end up disappearing off the internet for months at a time. But that is aside from the point!
    Thanks, Mushy one. I appreciate the publicity (even if you did almost blow my cover with your conjectures). You’re one awesome guy… funghi… you know what I mean.
    I will leave you with one hint as to my connections, however. Grissomsbasketcase.com is an old site. A VERY old site. I also didn’t have a hand in its creation. In fact, the only thing I ever had to do with that site can apparently no longer be reached as it doesn’t exist. Apparently. The mystery grows!

    2012/04/04 at 04:50

  4. un choque español, I must investigate the source of this incident further further

    2012/04/04 at 05:17

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