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Observing a Nostalgic Elegy for Winter

Walking to school at dawn of Winter day,
The bright pale sun gives frozen hands no aid,
Hands in my pockets, keeping cold at bay,
The green grass lays covered by the white snow’s shade.

Rubbing my eye, the sky lets out a sigh,
For one can’t see if one’s completely blind.
That’s who I was, a dense and shallow guy.
Not learning true knowledge; just the tasks assigned.

Walking back home while underneath Spring rains,
A burst, a pang; in pain’s my heart and brain.
When suddenly words appear in a quatrain,
Not one, not two, but five! With its refrain:

What use is this, the constant homework’s grind?
The endless waiting ’till the end, July?
Using this time, to keep students confined?
The leaves fall down swiftly from an Autumn sky.

Yet, nothing can be done, to great dismay,
It fell upon me; a fiery grenade:
Go with the flow, and you won’t move astray,
A final conclusion, and my mind was made.

And now, only this poem still remains…

8 responses

  1. I like how you mention all the seasons, even if it’s not by name. Very nice :)

    2012/04/01 at 14:43

  2. I like how you still visit this blog, even if it’s not a good one. Very nice :)

    2012/04/01 at 17:53

  3. Actually I’d have to disagree, your randomness is interesting to read, how you jump from one thought to another on a given post. Least I think so. I even read some posts about anime that I don’t watch so can’t be “not a good one.”

    I’ve been wondering, why a white background? I’m sure I’m not the first to ask.

    2012/04/01 at 18:40

  4. Too lazy to upgrade design. Don’t worry, it’ll come eventually…

    2012/04/01 at 19:50

  5. TRazor

    This is your pun on the blog’s title: One W(hite) Design

    2012/04/08 at 06:32

  6. For the record the background colour is now ~light blue~

    2012/04/08 at 07:08

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