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(Alternate Title: Staking Chances on a Competition of Senseless Animation Vituperations, Organized by a Naïvely Egotistical Writer, Part Two)
(Alternative Title: Wow, Look at This Super Cool Temporary Theme I Will Be Using for the Duration of this Tournament Because Otherwise, I’d Lose to Otou-san & Co. Near-Instantly)

I chose not to go with the alternate title since a) ANIBLOG BETTING literally screams at you and I would literally scream at you in real life b) the alternate title is too long c) I already have a post called that d) ANIBLOG BETTING just sounds cooler. Also, ANIBLOG BETTING could be an acronym for ‘A Nice Italian Bakery Loses Our Gold, Because Eating Their Taiyaki Is Not Gratifying’. Sure that doesn’t have anything to do with ANIBLOG BETTING but it DOES, because ‘A Nice Italian Bakery Loses Our Gold, Because Eating Their Taiyaki Is Not Gratifying’ can be shortened to ANIBLOG BETTING.


BUT WAIT! Surely there must be some reward for winning this that isn’t just pride. And indeed there is! The first place winner will receive the chance to write one (1) COMPLETELY UNEDITED post on O-New, a post that I won’t even read before publishing. In it, you can write ANYTHING YOU WANT, embed ANYTHING YOU WANT (as long as it’s not hardcore porn), and generally yeah, do whatever you want. You can talk about how Mushyrulez really sucks. You can write about that super cool hentai anime you just watched (but take notice: O-New is currently a child-friendly blog!). You can show us just how horrible this entire idea is.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Do I sound like an annoying TV advertiser yet? If yes, GREAT because that’s who I’m going to be. The first place winner will ALSO receive a FREE O-REW, free of charge. Completely free. Not like there are such things as paid O-REWs, anyways.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! You will also receive a complimentary DRAWING of ANYTHING YOU WANT (but take notice: if you tell me to draw porn, I’ll draw prawn instead)! The second place winner will receive an O-REW and a complimentary drawing, and the third place winner will receive either an O-REW or a complimentary drawing. Of course, if you don’t want any of these, just tell me, but if you do… YOU BETTER PARTICIPATE, and SPREAD THE WORD so that you can actually bet with people you actually know!!

Observe: THE FINAL BRACKET of the Tourney, which contains all the MATCHES for ANIBLOG TOURNING!!!!

Observe: THIS ORIGINAL POST, which contains all the RULES for ANIBLOG BETTING!!!


Observe: Oh right, I have to write that list! Here it is (ordered REVERSE-ALPHABETICALLY because we’re hipster like that):

  1. @trzr23
  2. @TofuZz
  3. @TCManila
  4. @shiroyume_
  5. @ReisengRath
  6. @redball
  7. @predederva
  8. @nichdel
  9. @Inushinde
  10. @iamValence
  11. @dmckafka
  12. @AvuKamu
  13. @absolutezero255

25 responses

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  2. TRazor

    I’m participating.

    My predictions come out this Sunday. Place all my 100 Smokey Bananas on those.

    2012/04/05 at 07:08


    spread the word~

    2012/04/06 at 02:24

  4. Sign me up, bitch. @iamValence

    How many Nondescript Pieces of Pony Innards do I have to bet with on each bracket?

    2012/04/06 at 08:23

  5. Well, my plan was to have enough people participate that you could literally ask anybody in the sphere for a bet on any amount.

    Of course, that’s pretty much impossible now… UNLESS EVERYBODY SPREADS THE WORD LIKE CRAZY! I’m insinuating something here!!

    P.S. ‘NPPI’ is the worst possible acronym you could ever come up with. How do you even pronounce that thing?

    2012/04/06 at 16:25

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  7. Count me in. Easy big plays.

    2012/04/15 at 03:10

  8. what’s the stake boyz!? >;D Sounds interesting~

    2012/04/15 at 04:41

  9. In like crazy.

    2012/04/15 at 05:06

  10. The stake is FAKE MONEY. yeah exciting stuff there.

    2012/04/15 at 05:07

  11. WOOT!! So wait… when are we betting? O_O

    2012/04/15 at 10:55

  12. I could have sworn the bets in this tournament were being conducted in Monopoly Money a.k.a. Canadian Dollars.

    2012/04/15 at 16:05

  13. Any time! Including now! You just have to find someone to bet with… but there’s only ten participants so far, so roping in other people is probably easier.

    2012/04/15 at 17:43

  14. C’mon, CND isn’t even worth as much as pride, and these imaginary dollars aren’t actually imaginary; they’re an embodiment of your PRIDE which you can manifest into a giant weapon to swing at the evil final boss. ARE YOU IN OR ARE YOU OUT

    2012/04/15 at 17:44

  15. I think I’m out (have you seen how bad my MAL fantasy team is doing?), but I do know that the mighty Iceland is interested in using CND for their money.

    2012/04/15 at 18:06

  16. I wonder why your FAL team is doing so horribly! You picked some of the coolest shows this season!

    2012/04/15 at 18:27

  17. I’m betting against myself right? I CAN’T LOSE

    2012/04/16 at 14:22

  18. You’ve gotta confirm it with me! And you can lose! You just also win.

    2012/04/17 at 00:01

  19. close enough, and confusing.

    2012/04/17 at 00:18

  20. oh and by the way, confirm it already =P

    2012/04/19 at 08:55

  21. I… uh… what are you betting on?

    2012/04/20 at 03:26

  22. I’m betting on http://mangacritic.com/ to beat me in the first round =P

    2012/04/20 at 05:57

  23. Betting how much?

    2012/04/20 at 06:19

  24. 500 monopoly dollars, park place, and bragging rights.

    2012/04/20 at 06:23

  25. I own Park Place, and you only have 100 dollars. Wanna take out a loan from the bank?

    2012/04/20 at 15:45