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Uchuu Kyoudai 2

What I can say right now is that I think that I feel that this show will get better with each episode. Even though it’s seinen I would definitely show this to kids (at least from what I got from two episodes), as it really does remind me of family-style movies that I used to watch (except executed slightly better than the American studio).

This episode, which shows the next stage in the astronaut selection process, was a bit more comedic than the last.

It’s definitely not perfect though. Although the animation is generally decent there are a few moments which seem unrealistic, especially with Aunt Sharon.

That unmoving face.

A smart person would think, “Wait…wouldn’t he have a very good chance of making the cut since he’s the older brother of a soon-to-be-legendary astronaut?” Très bien. You are very smart, smart person. But quite surely the implications of this series thus far suggest that it is très, très difficult to become an astronaut, even if you are the brother of one already. So the response to that would be “deal with it and enjoy the show.”

The theme of “taking on the hardest challenges” is really dominant in this episode. I especially like how it was introduced: through music.

Mutta chose the trumpet because it was the “hardest to play”. Becoming an astronaut in Mutta’s work circumstances seems almost an impossibility, almost causing him to quit. But he didn’t give up, and so far he’s made it past the first examination stage, which only 44 others have done.

Don’t get me wrong though. Mutta has exceptional mechanical skill, and it’s probably natural that he become an astronaut. It’s just because of his temperament and circumstances as being unemployed and blacklisted that make becoming an astronaut seem like an impossible challenge.

As for the whole loose screw in the chair thing, I think it was pretty obvious from the start that it was intentional. I guessed it right after that scene, and I was waiting in anticipation for the reveal with a weird awkward smile on my face. Picture that. A weird guy with a smile on his face in front of his computer. Wow, that’s scarier than you thought.

Wow, this Kenji guy is weird. He uses pretentious language, much like otou-san. If you don’t know who otou-san is, just keep in mind that this part was partially influenced by my boss, who is shameless in censoring his subordinates’ posts to propagate his own interests, like the aniblog tourney.

Oh Mutta, why you so silly. There looks to be a good romance subplot… or something. It doesn’t seem to be between high schoolers or magical beings so I guess it doesn’t appear to be all that bad at a first look, so I guess I don’t expect it to be executed poorly. I wouldn’t think too much of it right now.

Oh Mutta, why you so sexist

Well, in all honesty I’m still looking forward to the next episode.

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