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Jormungand 1 [Impressions]



I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself by referencing the show that I’m going to be comparing Jormungand to several times throughout its run, even in this very post.

In actual fact, this show is actually fundamentally different from Black Lagoon, and I think I’m going to be spending most of this post explaining why this is. Wow.

Firstly, of course, is the larger team of main characters that are going to be getting significant screen time (maybe not as large a cast in general, but even the somewhat minor characters will be given a lot of screen time, moreso than the non-main characters in Black Lagoon such as Eda) (at least that’s what I think). Look. In the first episode alone, you get to see the personalities of many people: the older guy, the guy with glasses, the weird eye-patch girl, and of course our two main characters, Koko and Jonah. I’m not actually sure how they have been able to pull it off in one episode and whether they will be able to continue this trend in the following episodes.

Black Lagoon was heavily sensationalized in an attempt to replicate media that appealed to the American audience, mainly with LOTS OF VIOLENCE and MORALLY BANKRUPT HEROES who DON’T GIVE A SHIT. This is almost the same, except the character of Koko also happens to appeal to the Japanese audience with her being rather cutesy. Jonah is a really complex character. I have never seen a child soldier in works of fiction such as this, so his placement here is definitely interesting.

What I can say about Jonah is that he doesn’t seem to be a typical child soldier. A child solder is someone that I would imagine as someone so twisted by the constant exposure to death and horror that he cannot think logically any longer. A complete sociopath that either murders everybody in his sight or hides away from the rest of the world. But Jonah embarks on a quest to find the arms dealer that killed his family. That’s something different, because he actually has a goal. This contrasts very much with Black Lagoon, where all of the characters were in it because of their lust for money and/or mental disorders (I can even indirectly say that of Rock).

Koko is surprisingly happy-go-lucky for a leader of an arms dealing organization. This is also quite interesting and also contrasts heavily with Black Lagoon. Is it right to call Koko Ms Fanservice? Several years after the fact it seems perfectly reasonable to call Revy Ms Fanservice. She was Ms Fanservice because she was a lethal thug that showed her midriff all the time. There is no such revealing clothing about Koko, but the fact that she seems to be generally cute, and that she’s able to keep her generally happy personality even in the face of great danger alludes to this designation. Also is she an albino of some sort?

What am I saying, Valmet is Ms Fanservice.

The actual plot of Jormungand also contrasts with Black Lagoon. The Black Lagoon company only worked for various crime syndicates around Roanapur, while Koko’s company works for far more influential clients. This means that Jormungand will give insight into international politics and the dynamics of war, whereas (most of) Black Lagoon was about crime, period.

The plot of this episode was different as well. Rather than having one conflict being resolved in 2+ episodes as it was in BL, 2 conflicts are resolved in one episode in Jormungand. Of course, I can’t judge as this is the first episode. Just noting, though.

Well, I hope that was good.

Cover Rating: 8/10 (Masterpiece)Blogging

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  1. [Well, I hope that was good.]

    Way better than Mushy…

    2012/04/13 at 09:12


    2012/04/14 at 02:26

  3. Dear God I can totally see myself praying to this show as if it’s some kind of God. There’s too much good anime this season I can’t keep up.

    2012/04/15 at 04:47

  4. I think you’re insulted

    2012/04/15 at 17:55

  5. Interesting you’d say that about Black Lagoon. I mean, Roberta’s Blood Trail was pretty good, how it mixed international affairs into the ‘mere’ crime syndicates of Roanapur, right? Furthermore, there seems to be far more moral conflicts in Black Lagoon (surrounding Rock, as he actually had morals), whereas in Jormungand, I don’t immediately see any. Koko is too inhuman of a character anyways; I wouldn’t put it past Jormungand to reveal that she’s either a robot or a psychotic individual afflicted by a disease that confers albinism to its afflicted.

    2012/04/15 at 18:22

  6. I was never a huge fan of Black Lagoon. To me, it felt like it was trying a little to hard to be dark. With this show, iit felt like they were trying to cover so much that it had no time to be really dark. I don’t know, I definitely like Jonah, and the dynamics between the group seem pretty interesting. I’m hoping this series really makes me want to watch it all with episode two.
    Nice review.

    2012/04/15 at 18:35

  7. Oh. As opposed to Black Lagoon, this show is ALL ABOUT the international sphere whereas Black Lagoon just reserved the OVA for that. And yes Roberta’s Blood Trail was very good. Although there’s a manga that I’ve not read and I can easily check, I’m still going to guess by saying that this is set AFTER the moral conflicts were resolved and everyone just becomes morally bankrupt. Take Tojo; I bet he had a metamorphosis that will be expounded on later.

    2012/04/15 at 19:28

  8. Jonah is probably one of the more interesting characters this sesason, I think.

    2012/04/15 at 20:17

  9. Pray to the deer God, not your dear God!

    …this pun would’ve been more suitable in a show about deer

    2012/04/17 at 23:44