O-New: Now Extinct Website

Commence Battle Operations!

We’re losing pretty badly.

But not all hope is lost. Indeed, Operation Lose 0% – 100% Against Shameful Otaku Secret is no longer a possibility, as Polldaddy doesn’t even let me change my vote from a misclicked Shameful Otaku Secret to O-New, even though we are totally the more QUALITY blog. You could even say, ‘the moe quality blog’, except you can’t because we’re not moe.

There is still an incentive to vote for O-New. After a losing start with 16 votes to 0 (one of those votes was me), we gradually climbed up until eventually reaching the 30% – 70% we have at the moment (it sure would be interesting seeing a graph of our progress). Imagine how cool it would be if O-New actually BEATS Shameful Otaku Secret! It’d be the greatest Tortoise vs. Hare match in the HISTORY of the Aniblog Tournament! But that’s not incentive enough.

So. We’re upping the ante. Except not really since there’s really nothing hanging on the line at all. On that note, do check out the ~updated~ Aniblog Betting iFAQ (which is like a FAQ but it’s made by Apple, not Microsoft). Now, off that note…

If we win against Shameful Otaku Secret, I will personally allow them to write a post about anything they fucking want to on O-New. Furthermore, I will draw fanart on whatever they want me to draw, as well as an obligatory O-REW to their ugly little blog. I mean, sure, I know, O-New’s design sucks (you’ll notice that our design will rapidly change within the course of the next few hours; this is also another tactic in our ongoing battle to appeal to the masses!), but look at their design! It’s actually even… uh… well actually it looks pretty good. Hot damn, I wish I could steal their design. :<

But wait! That’s not all. Do we look like we’re selling ourselves out? Well, we actually aren’t because only I’m selling myself out, and I’m only representative of 14.285714285714285714285714285714% of our writers. We will offer a free (not that I’ve ever made un-free ones) piano transcription of any anime song they want. Yes, granted, I suck at transcribing and I’ve only ever transcribed two songs, but WHATEVER, MAN. WHATEVER.

Yes, I realize that even they can’t really do anything if they wanted (haha! sometimes even I laugh at my own jokes) these things, since votes are immutable and fixed, but… at least we’re the most popular match. In fact, today, we’ve got three times the number of views we’ve got yesterday. Even if we lose, I still hope more people will read our ramblings~!

P.S. Not that our ramblings are particularly interesting or even half as humorously sarcastic as Shameful Otaku Secret’s

P.P.S. If this is a war of who can Emperor J better, I totally win; I mean, even he gets more comments than I nowadays D:

P.P.P.S. At least, if any average anime fans come around and are disgusted by Shameful Otaku Secret’s intelligently unintelligible language, they’ll choose O-New as the lesser of two evils. Sure, maybe we’re pretentious compared to, say, Reiseng (do vote for him, by the way!), but if pretentiousness were an animal, ours’d be ants compared to Shameful Otaku Secret’s GALAXIES of pretension

36 responses

  1. ………………(speechless)

    2012/04/16 at 00:12

  2. admit it this is a great idea

    on second thought maybe not

    2012/04/16 at 00:15

  3. Epic post is epic.

    And now we wait for the retaliation.

    2012/04/16 at 00:28

  4. You spelt your email wrong.


    2012/04/16 at 00:35

  5. Hey I can do music things too.

    I’d gladly MPC an OP of something, as long as it’s the OP to Nyaruko-san.

    2012/04/16 at 01:53

  6. (」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/にゃー!

    2012/04/16 at 01:58

  7. that show is making me lose my sanity

    2012/04/16 at 01:59

  8. minoru

    Don’t worry, I voted for you.

    2012/04/16 at 02:50

  9. Rednights

    Wait a minute … now your website looks like a banana …. OOO random color backgrounds … the seizures are kicking in …

    2012/04/16 at 03:15

  10. Yeah that’s some fool fooling with the settings. What a fool.
    DON’T WORRY even if it’s a landslide everyone knows how fun slides are, right~? I really hope you’ll stay/subscribe/read more posts because you sound like a cool person who didn’t immediately vote for Shameful Otaku Secret and only voted for them after seven minutes are careful, intensed, and focused thought

    2012/04/16 at 03:19

  11. you did misclicked it on purpose, didn’t you? lol but still, good luck anyway… :)

    2012/04/16 at 12:22

  12. TRazor

    You are losing.

    I am disappointed, Mushy.

    So, so disappointed.

    Maybe I should TRew this blog and decimate the few little votes that might come your way.

    2012/04/16 at 16:23

  13. Who the fuck would vote against Betty White?

    2012/04/17 at 00:41

  14. It’s so easy to out me, well me. I don’t even know how I earned this reputation to be honest.

    2012/04/17 at 01:22


    2012/04/17 at 01:50

  16. obligatory resigned acknowledgement

    2012/04/17 at 06:17

  17. Maybe ;)

    As long as more people (e.g. you) read O-New, we’re fine with whatever shit happens to our match!

    P.S. I was lying about one of those lines

    P.P.S. more like lies

    2012/04/17 at 06:18

  18. You actually should do this. Bash all you want, NOTHING can stand up to the power of our NEW DESIGN

    get it

    our new design
    o-new design

    2012/04/17 at 06:19

  19. Fucking nobody, that’s who. Also retards. Also I just put this banner up after everybody had already voted and they can’t alter their votes anymore.

    2012/04/17 at 06:19

  20. By being so pessimistic about it! You gotta add CAPITALS to everything you’re writing, just like the true CAPITALIST American you are!

    2012/04/17 at 06:20

  21. The guy who put up this theme did that, not me!

    2012/04/17 at 06:20

  22. I’m just here to say I like the new layout… that is all xD

    2012/04/17 at 07:32

  23. Ahhhh my eyes!!!Change it at least to pink YOU MONSTER!!!

    2012/04/17 at 10:26

  24. The new layout is hilarious… but still don’t worry… we are on the same boat.

    2012/04/17 at 12:23

  25. lol…you just earned a new reader… :)

    2012/04/17 at 13:01

  26. For the record, I didn’t make that layout!! Somebody else did!

    2012/04/18 at 06:28

  27. Thanks~ I like how you haven’t even invited me to Skype~

    2012/04/18 at 06:48

  28. NO! Orange is the colour of MUSHROOMS and MUSHYRULEZ

    2012/04/18 at 06:49

  29. kazuhir0

    Hey, even if you lost, you still have new followers (me being one) :P So either way, it’s still a win. Best of luck!

    2012/04/18 at 11:59

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  31. Thanks~! You don’t know how much it means to me when I have one new follower, when we only really have a total of 10! In fact, by subscribing, you’re now TEN PERCENT of O-New’s subscribers! If you mysteriously disappeared, we would lose one tenth of our entire reader base!

    2012/04/18 at 23:37

  32. kazuhir0

    Don’t worry you won’t lose me! That’s a promise I’d like to keep till death to us part. Wait, that sounded inappropriate. XD

    2012/04/22 at 11:29

  33. As long as you don’t die early, I’m fine with that!!

    2012/04/22 at 19:00

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