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What are Little Women Made Of?

Before you accuse me of depraved intentions, no, this is not a post dissecting the many features of the female form. Instead, it is a post about Hourou Musuko, femininity, masculinity, and gender roles in a society where a boy is not a boy and a girl is not a girl. Except when they are, of course. Now, you know that I can’t tackle serious issues like this, so I hope you guys will comment and actually discuss, y’know, real stuff, and not the shit I put into my posts. My newfound popularity (?) after a spectacular loss to Shameful Otaku Secret ought to promote this discussion. OUGHT TO.

Unfortunately, no, I do not have access to Hourou Musuko screenshots. In lieu of pictures, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Except not really, because you know me, I don’t write sweet things.

Many children are confused (or, as they say, ‘Wandering’) as to their own sexual identities. For example, any of them question why they aren’t having any sex yet. Wait, that’s not the questioning I’m talking about. The questioning I’m talking about is the questioning in Hourou Musuko, where the main character, Nitori Shuichi, wants to be a girl, but is stuck in the body of a boy. His friend, Takatsuki Yoshino, wants to be a boy, but is stuck in the body of a girl.

Now, they each do those usual antics of cross-dressing, interacting more with the members of the opposite sex, and generally being confused about their sexual identity like you’d expect wandering children would. However, even so, Shuichi displays attractions to other girls, such as Suehiro Anna, some sort of creepy shotacon pedophile.

Although there are primarily children in Hourou Musuko, there is also a guy, Yuki (Yoshida Hiroyuki). Except, he’s not a guy; he was merely born as one. She’s a mature, twenty-something transsexual in a happy relationship with some creepy lolicon pedophile. If she didn’t tell us that she was born a boy, we wouldn’t have known. At all.

And now we reach the crux of our article: Jenna Talackova. My English teacher, a certain Mrs. Margaret Kalaski, once taught Walter Page Talackova during a summer high school course. She spoke at length about him one lesson, and something caught my attention.

Walter Page was never a boy. From birth, Walter had decided to be a girl; to be Jenny. She had just started hormone treatment the year my teacher started teaching her, but even before that, was already no longer a boy. She never wandered. What is a little woman made of, when the woman was once a boy? Determination, courage, and certainty. In a sense, Shuichi is already helpless, it’s too late for him to change. Many things about him are still masculine, and his effeminate qualities are quite common in other boys.

So. Does Shuichi have this choice? Can he really decide to change? Is he already too masculine? And is this male-female sexual dichotomy still relevant in our present society?

And therein lies the question of this tale.

…Except not really, because this entire article was all meant for one thing: to advertise that super cool Hourou Musuko ED I arranged just for otou-san you saw at the beginning of the article, even though he didn’t request (or even want) it. To otou-san: this is FOR YOU. Get it?! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa

P.S. Obligatory shout-out to Glo.

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  1. banner’s bad


    male-female dichotomy existed only for the benefit of men, as it benefits men and greatly disadvantages women

    so much so that the women’s rights were being fundamentally suppressed

    after the women’s rights movement women had the right to act more like what was previously considered ‘masculine’, i.e. independent and headstrong

    but the issue of men wanting to be more feminine, i.e. homely and submissive, has been addressed less

    mainly because there are a fewer number because

    to become feminine means to be in a disadvantaged position, as the preconceived notion of ‘feminine’ was created by men to benefit men

    but it is true that there are some males that actually would rather have that personality

    sometimes even without necessarily wanting to become female

    I find it unfair that you deny someone’s right to change his or her personality

    also that’s some serious

    real life information that you’re posting there

    you even gave our english teacher’s first name

    2012/04/19 at 02:37

  2. TRazor

    I gave up on your blog after you lost.

    But you play the piano.

    So you win my readership back.

    Now play some more piano.

    You can start with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCgQZFMG3Mg

    A lot of people have already made a cover of it, but you can still do it.

    You said you had no figurines. I see a Bulbasaur.

    You lied.

    You are bad.

    I didn’t read this post.

    I am bad.

    2012/04/19 at 04:06

  3. Uh.. no. He needs to keep that banner.

    2012/04/19 at 04:37

  4. Jesus159159159

    Needs more swing!

    2012/04/19 at 04:38

  5. Every time you put a piano thingy in your post, I end up looping it for one reason or another. You are pretty damn good at that piano thing.

    As for the post itself, yeah, that was a good read.

    2012/04/19 at 06:52

  6. I can see your face reflected on the piano. <_<

    2012/04/19 at 07:02

  7. Oh, come on~ Yuki’s man isn’t a shota pedophile! I could accept that for Anna though lol

    Nice playing, nice article :)

    Dichotomies are not simply convenient for patriarchy. First of all they keep the things simple in a society. Human beings want to avoid perplexities and for functional reasons – a modern one would be the toilets for example, though this one seems not very important. I also believe that having seperate roles for men and women, on one hand might have put women in disadvantage from our standpoint now, on the other hand may have alievated women from ‘too many’ responsibilities. Now, don’t stone me, coz I really don’t like women who nowadays stay a doormat; I’m just trying to find/present another interpretating point of view. Just think also the fact that women’s emancipation started way later in human history, and although some factors certainly helped, I believe one reason it didn’t happen earlier is also acceptance of their role or at least complancency in their duties and way of life.

    Btw, you use sexual identity interchangeably with gender identity, or did I misread?

    2012/04/19 at 09:08

  8. The Flailing Fists of Heaven's Decent (like rain onto a parched earth, only deadlier)

    I always loved this ending, and for some reason I really (unexpectedly) enjoyed Hourou Mukuso, even if the manga now seems to have lost direction. Perhaps I will try to learn this on piano someday too, but for now I have the rather difficult task of Jay Chou’s “Secret”. Could take me a while.

    Also: orange.

    2012/04/19 at 23:25

  9. To otou-san: this is FOR YOU. Get it?! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa

    No……………but I liked it. And I liked the show. And I liked this post. Wandering Son had a lot of heart, it really portrayed the subject with a lot of sensitivity and class. To me it’s a nightmare to imagine when I become a real otou-san my own child going through that (which I guess is statistically unlikely but always possible). Not because it in itself is a difficult thing having your body mismatched to you, although I’m sure it is, but because even in this day and age not enough people take your matter-of-fact way of thinking about it. I can’t imagine having the kind of courage (balls, if you will) it’d take to be Jenna.

    2012/04/20 at 03:24

  10. Oh Mushy, please change the look of your blog back..

    2012/04/20 at 12:19

  11. Respectfully removed.

    2012/04/28 at 05:01

  12. Wait… so you’re NOT a real otou-san?! How old are you, anyways?

    I was going to respond with a more serious comment but this post totally drained all seriousness from my body. Expect another one in a month, but until then, I’ll continue being me.

    2012/04/28 at 05:04

  13. Yes, orange.

    I’ll pull sheets up SOMEDAY, probably within the next week.

    2012/04/28 at 05:06

  14. It seems to be more about stereotypes than just simplicity. Since ancient times, people have undoubtedly separated the manlier men from the weaker men, the meeker women from the prouder women. This psychological separation seems much more important than simple physical separation, right?

    And yes, I’m not educated in this field at all. In fact, I’m not even educated. I use everything interchangeably with anything D:

    2012/04/28 at 05:10

  15. I can see your face through your window. >_>

    2012/04/28 at 05:10

  16. Needs more swag!

    2012/04/28 at 05:11

  17. But it wasn’t D:

    2012/04/28 at 05:12

  18. I bought that bulbasaur when I was eight, alright. It’s the cutest fucking creature dead. Cause it’s dead. And it’s nonexistent. Except I have one. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT THAT HUH

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  19. Casually removed.

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  21. TRazor

    Pokemon don’t die, poop or bleed.

    That Bulbasaur is actually alive. And it’s gonna Vine Whip your ass so hard that you can’t sit in that piano chair ever again.

    oh mushy u so noob.

    2012/04/28 at 06:03

  22. Tentacle rape?

    2012/04/29 at 02:42

  23. Jesus159159159

    Hey, I remember saying this!

    It was the best of times, that it was.

    2012/04/29 at 02:43

  24. Jesus159159159

    Whoa, Canadian time is weird. It’s already the 29th over there?

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  25. Nope, that’s UTC.

    2012/04/29 at 03:13

  26. The Flailing Fists of Heaven's Decent (a new fruit drink from Sarsaparilla Sasquatch & co.)

    I’m still only halfway through Secret D:
    Why am I so lazy!?!?

    2012/05/01 at 03:33

  27. Every time you change your username I have to re-approve your comments! Do you know how much stress those two seconds of clicking ‘Approve’ forces onto me?

    2012/05/01 at 04:27

  28. It’s true, I’m not. I’m a liar and a terrible person.

    2012/05/01 at 19:20

  29. It’s also true, I haven’t watched Azumanga Daioh. I’m not a liar but I’m still a terrible person.

    2012/05/01 at 22:55